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How To Easily Create Line Breaks on Instagram (My Favorite Instagram App)

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Have you ever tried to create paragraphs on Instagram only to find your text ending up in one big run-on paragraph when you are done? Or are you currently using dots or emojis to separate your paragraphs? If so, and if you’d like to learn an easier way, here’s a quick hack for you. It’s a free app for Instagram, …

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How To Easily Turn a YouTube Video Into a Vertical Instagram TV (IGTV) Video

In Online Marketing, Tech/Geek by Amy2 Comments

As you are probably well aware, Instagram is quickly becoming one of the most popular social media platforms that business owners and entrepreneurs are using to promote their business and to be able to communicate with larger audiences than they were able to do on other platforms. And the latest addition to Instagram, Instagram TV (otherwise known as IGTV), is …