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How to Make a Digital Vision Board That Actually Works 2024 | Canva Tutorial For Beginners

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I can’t wait to share my super easy process with you for making a beautiful vision board using Canva! In this video, I will show you how simple it is to use your favorite images on the internet without needing to save them to your computer first (huge time saver and storage saver!)…. and how to instantly place them into …

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#058: Finding Alignment & Making Better Decisions Through the Study of Human Design With Leann Wolff

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In this episode, I am joined by Leann Wolff. Leann is a Human Design professional who loves to help entrepreneurs to find true alignment and make better (and easier) decisions in their businesses. During our conversation, Leann shared the 4 types in Human Design, and she also pulled up my chart and, on the spot, was able to tell me …

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Freedom Fest Recap, Content Requests and Giving Tuesday | Livestream Replay

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I’m finally starting to get my feet back on the ground after traveling for over a month. Phew! So I apologize for being more absent than usual lately… and I wanted to jump on live to share some of my recap from our Freedom Fest that I recently attended (and share some other travel highlights). And I also wanted to …

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#056: Tapping Into Your Soul Centered Creativity and Creating Momentum With Ruth Klein

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In this episode, I am joined by Ruth Klein. Ruth is a joy and has so much wisdom when it comes to helping people get out out of their own way and tap into their soul aligned creativity. She’s an expert in brand strategy, time management and productivity, and the author of 7 best selling books. Ruth specializes in helping …

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#055: My Very First Ayahuasca Ceremony Experience- Healing With Plant Medicine

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Last month, I experienced my very first Ayahuasca (plant medicine) ceremony in Colorado. In this episode, I did my best to unpack the entire experience for you. I know for me, leading up to this experience, I did a ton of research and binged on other people’s content about their experiences to learn as much as I could about what …

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#054: Unlocking Your Intuition To Grow Wealth and Serve as an Entrepreneur With Jenn Beninger

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In this episode, I am joined by Jenn Beninger. Jenn is an expert in helping people to better connect with and understand their intuition so that they can succeed in all areas of their lives and businesses at a deeper level. Jenn specializes in energy work, intuition, communication skills, and mindset work. She helps people to delve into what’s holding …

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#047: Journal Prompts and Suggestions to Help You Start the New Year with Clarity, Purpose and Celebration

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In this episode, I shared some juicy journal prompts and suggestions to help you start the new year with clarity, purpose, and celebration. It’s 2023 already can you believe it? It’s a fresh start, a blank slate, a chance for new beginnings and a chance to start over. It always feels so refreshing to me, I love this time of …

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#044: Give Yourself Permission to Be Messy in Your Message and Your Marketing

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In this episode, I talked about the importance of allowing yourself to be messy in your message and your marketing. As humans, being vulnerable and transparent often feels uncomfortable to us. Speaking from our hearts feels scary. And when we are new at a business or just learning how to market online, it usually feels a whole lot easier to …

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The HBA Oak Benefactor Ring | Home Business Academy Affiliate Program Makes a Difference Globally

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One of the things I love most about being an affiliate in the Home Business Academy is their commitment to excellence and quality in everything that they do, their commitment to providing the best for our members, and the heart and symbolism that goes into everything in the HBA. I’ve been very excited about earning an Oak Benefactor Ring which …

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My Life-Changing Takeaways from HBA Freedom Fest 2022 | The Home Business Academy

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I just returned from the most life-changing event I’ve ever been to- Freedom Fest which was put on through the Home Business Academy (HBA). There is really no way to put into words the things that happened at the Freedom Fest event, or how I am feeling after it, but I did my best in this video to summarize some …