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Membership Sites for Freedom, Credibility and Recurring Revenue (Plus Examples and Platforms)

In 30 Minute Workday, Home Business Academy, Lead Generation, Online Marketing, Power Hour, Videos by Amy Allen4 Comments

Membership sites are a very popular way to generate revenue these days. There are many reasons for this, such as: – Membership sites are one of the best ways to create a strong ‘tribe’ or community and customer loyalty around your brand – Membership sites allow us to help people by providing them with education, information, resources, assets, and/or the …

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How the 30 Minute Workday Can Save You a Ton of Time In Your Business

In 30 Minute Workday, Lead Generation, Online Marketing, Videos by Amy5 Comments

Often times, when we are at the beginning stages of starting a business, we just want the shortcuts that will help us to succeed as fast as possible. Unfortunately, many home based business entrepreneurs pay too much attention to the short term tactics of their businesses (social media platforms, etc) and not enough attention to the mindset and the principles …

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Simple YouTube Marketing Hack to Generate More Leads Immediately

In Lead Generation, Online Marketing, Tech/Geek, Video Marketing, Videos by AmyLeave a Comment

I just wanted to share this with you… I just started implementing this new strategy on YouTube to generate more leads, and it started working immediately… so I shot a quick video to show you what I did. It’s the simplest thing ever and it will help you generate more leads! Enjoy and let me know if you have any …

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[Video Marketing Part 2] How to Be Unstoppable on Camera

In Lead Generation, Online Marketing, Video Marketing, Videos by Amy2 Comments

What’s the biggest thing standing between you and your ability to get your voice and your message out into the world on camera? Is it ‘stage fright’? Perfectionism? Fear that people won’t like you? Thoughts about not being as good or as credible as others in your niche? Or something else? Whatever it is, just know that you are not …

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How to Use YouTube To Connect With Your Audience & Build Your Business

In Lead Generation, Online Marketing, Tech/Geek, Video Marketing, Videos by Amy4 Comments

On Wednesday night’s Power Hour, I shared a lot of information about one of my favorite platforms on the internet, YouTube. Video marketing has been the strategy that has been responsible for the majority of my success online, and it’s something that I’m very passionate about. As a single mother, one of the things that’s super important to me is …