Call To Greatness- Being Your Authentic Self

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 True greatness and success come when we are being our true authentic selves… not when we are pretending to be something we’re not, or trying to be like someone else.

So much of the time, we go through our lives unable to be fully self-expressed and afraid to show our true colors and SHINE.

We are all unique and we all have special gifts, talents, and ways about us that nobody else on the planet has.

We all have a ton to contribute, it’s just a matter of looking within yourself to find out what your true purpose is and what you have to offer, from your TRUE SELF.

Our tendency is to compare ourselves to others and to try to be  something we’re not or to imitate ways of being that we like in other people. There is no power in that.

Our ultimate power and success come when we are being completely authentic.

Just start to notice as you go through your day… are you being fully YOU? Are you trying to be something you’re not, or not being something that you truly are? Are you trying to be like (or wishing you were like) someone else?

If you start to see yourself doing these things, just try to bring yourself back to being the totally authentic you. And whatch what happens. 🙂

Here’s a really short video I just shot on the topic:

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Don’t be afraid to be you… express yourself!

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