Building A Business On the Internet- Some Resources

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As many of you are aware, one of my biggest passions is internet marketing. I’ve been educating myself in the realm of internet marketing for several years (taking courses, attending seminars & webinars, reading books, etc) and am currently focusing primarily on internet marketing to build my network marketing business. I know many of you are wanting to build via the internet as well, so I just wanted to share a few resources w/ you (if internet marketing is not of interest to you, please disregard this post!).

My main passion in internet marketing is in ‘Internet Network Marketing’ . I have several mentors who I’ve learned everything I know from…

I am stepping it up in a big way right now, and I’m very busy laying some groundwork, but stay tuned for some really exciting announcements that I will be sharing with you soon that will probably be of interest if you are interested in building a large organization via the power of the internet.

In the meantime, here are a couple of things I wanted to share w/ you:

1) Mike Dillard is one of my biggest mentors and I highly recommend any of his courses (Magnetic Sponsoring, Building On A Budget, etc… these are where I’ve learned almost everything I know). This week, on Wednesday @ 6pm MST, Magnetic Sponsoring is hosting a FREE webinar w/ social media queen Katie Freiling where she will reveal how she generates hundreds of leads daily using Facebook and Twitter, how she converts those leads into members and customers for her business, a typical day in her life, etc. I’ll be there… and if you’d like to be as well you can register here. (again, it’s free!)

2) There’s a HUGE internet network marketing event coming up in October (2nd and 3rd) in Las Vegas. Mike Dillard, Daegen Smith, and some of the other big ‘gurus’ in this niche will be there… and it will be awesome grounds for learning as well as networking. I’ll be attending with my friend and Club 100k member Mathes Jones… can’t wait! It’s EXTREMELY affordable ($199), so if you have an interest and would like to meet us there, let me know. You can see the details here.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

I hope to ‘see’ you on the webinar on Wednesday and in Vegas in October!

Expect Abundance,


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