Breaking News! Facebook Passes Google In Worldwide Traffic For The First Time Ever!

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This is breaking news! For the first time in history, Facebook has officially passed Google in worldwide traffic.

For many years, Google has held the highest ranking with Alexa (If you’re not familiar with Alexa rankings, you can go to and download the Alexa toolbar – it creates statistics on various websites based on actual visitors, time on the site, bounce rate, and more.)





Well, Facebook has finally risen to the top… Facebook has surpassed Google not once, but twice, in the past 10 days.



This is huge. Think about it… what does this mean for your business, and for the future of the internet? Are you using Social Media to build your business? Do you fully understand the power of social networking?

Click here to read and awesome in-depth article about the history of the internet and how social media came to be, by my friend David Wood.

Why is Facebook so powerful?

Facebook has basically figured out a way to eliminate social and cognitive resistance to the most favorite activity online – sharing, communication, and connecting.

You can jump onto Facebook and start uploading and sharing photos in a matter of seconds, talking to your friends in real time, and socializing with thousands of people all at once. It’s like a big party that’s happening 24-7 on the internet, and you can join in as you please.

This is revolutionary. Facebook has literally made it possible to instantly connect with people, and it’s super user-friendly so even those who don’t know a whole lot about the internet can easily navigate and participate. In fact, in many cases it’s actually easier to jump on Facebook and connect with your friends and family than it is to pick up the phone. Wouldn’t you agree?

Why bother calling someone when you can post something on their Facebook wall and hear back from them in a matter of seconds? Or chat with them via instant messaging. And nowadays more and more people are using Smart Phones and are able to communicate via Facebook with their phone as they go through their day.

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I’m so pleased that Facebook is showing Google that it’s the people that move the world – because without social media, the internet wouldn’t be nearly as fun… it would just be a complicated, stuffy place only used by tech guys and internet marketers (like me 🙂 ).

So now it’s time for you to become the change you want to see in the world… and share your mission on Facebook (share this post, too, while you’re at it!).

And don’t get left behind… if you’re serious about growing your business, you better be marketing on Facebook (here’s an article and video I created to help you get your fan page rocking).

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Expect Abundance (and be social!),

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