Brand Yourself With a Custom Link Pages Using the HBA Funnel Builder (Stop Using Linktree!)

Brand Yourself With Custom Link Pages Using the HBA Funnel Builder (Linktree Alternative)

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If you are currently using Linktree on Instagram (or elsewhere)- STOP! Here’s a WAY better solution.

Do you sometimes wonder where the best place to send your audience is to connect with you in all of the places you exist online?

Well, wonder no more because now you can create a custom link pages right inside of the HBA Funnel Builder!

This will be part 4 of our training series to show you all of the ways that the HBA Funnel Builder can help you brand yourself and build your business (any business) easily and much more cost effectively than any of the other platforms.

*** The HBA Funnel Builder does everything you need to build your business, all for only $25/month. Learn more about it here.

This Power Hour training session was all about creating custom link pages as a Linktree alternative.

Inside of the HBA Funnel Builder, we can create pages like LinkTree, but with way more customization, media, and access to your email marketing platform.

In addition to showing you how simple is its to to set up beautiful and effective link pages for your business, I gave you some great ideas for how to use these pages to connect with your audience on a deeper level.

Brand Yourself With Custom Link Pages Using the HBA Funnel Builder (Linktree Alternative)

Here’s my links page that I built during this training (See it for yourself)

And both of the templates I showed in the training are now available for your use in the templates section of the HBA Funnel Builder! You will get instant access to those (and all of the other amazing templates) upon purchase.

If you are interested in watching Part 1, Part 2, and/or Part 3 of this series featuring the HBA Funnel Builder, you can watch them here:

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Enjoy, and go ahead and leave any questions you have in the comments. I’m happy to get them answered for you.

I love you!

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  2. I’m really loving HBA Funnel Builder! So many awesome ways to use this tool at the fraction of the cost from the other tools out there.

    1. Author

      Yes! Exactly! I love it sooooo much! And I love helping people save money when they switch over. 🙂

  3. Amy – you are the master of finding new things to do with this amazing funnel builder. I can not even thank you enough for introducing me to this awesome tool. Creating a custom link page can be so very beneficial. 🙂 Thanks for the awesome idea. 🙂

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