Update of the Devastating Floods in Boulder Colorado (My Home)

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Update of the Devastating Floods in Boulder Colorado (My Home)

boulder floodsThe last few days have been surreal during the devastating floods here in Boulder Colorado

I’ve been living in Boulder, Colorado for over 20 years (off and on)… and I’ve never seen anything like this before.

It started raining here on Monday, and at first it was a nice change from the 100 degree weather we had been experiencing.

After a few days of heavy rain it started to worry me, as this many days of straight rain in Boulder is completely out of the ordinary here.

In fact, Boulder is known for being sunny over 300 days out of the year… so we’re totally not used to this here.

My Personal Adventure

I had my own adventure the other night after having left town and was trying to get back home.

All of the roads leading into Boulder were closed.

I was with my friend Tim, in his truck (which sits a bit higher up than a regular car) and every road we turned down seemed to have a police car and a blockade… and we could see rapids behind it.

It was scary, to say the least.

Eventually one of the police officers told us there’s “Not a chance” that we would be able to get back into Boulder…

But we kept trying… (my neighbor had called to tell us that Tim’s dog was freaking out at my house and we were determined to get back to her).

Eventually we started zig-zagging in and out of back roads…

We witnessed roads being closed in front of our eyes, and we drove down roads that SHOULD have been closed… they were deep and some of them were class 3 rapids..

Cars were flooding their engines and stalling out, bridges were collapsing…

We even saw people frantically bailing out their homes with buckets and trying to build walls out of sandbags.

After countless attempts of trying to get through closed flooded street after closed flooded street, we arrived home safely.


I’ve been sitting in nothing but gratitude since we made it home that night.

I couldn’t sleep as I listened to the rain and pictured all of the less fortunate people that I had seen that night.

I kept envisioning sunshine and remaining grateful that my family was safe.

And, as the rain continues to fall outside and the flooding continues… I remain grateful and try to make the best of things…

The sun did come out for a short time yesterday…

Here’s my daughter Ava enjoying the mud:

boulder floods

And, in case you haven’t seen it, here’s some footage of what’s been going on here:

In any event, this has been eye-opening, to say the least.

It’s a great reminder to never take anything for granted, as we never know what lies around the next corner (especially when Mother Nature is involved).

In the midst of the flooding, I feel blessed and grateful.

And to all of you who have been reaching out to check in on me, you have no idea how much that means to me.

I am safe and feel all of the love… thank you so much!


I’d love to hear from you…

Feel free to leave me a note in the comments below… I respond to every one of them (and I can certainly use all of your good vibes right now during these Boulder floods!)…


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  1. Sorry to hear about the flood that causes so much inconvenience.

    I do experience the same thing myself occasionally. It’s not pleasant to be in that situation.

    I hope everything is ok with you and your daughter now.

    1. Author

      Thanks so much, Amuro. You said you’ve experienced floods before? Where do you live?

          1. Not really. Occasionally.

            I suppose every country has its own problems.

            Is this only place I can keep in touch with you?

    1. Quite frankly, I am very skeptical of MLM opportunities.

      The last one I was involved in was in 2006. Pretty unhappy as I got problems communicating effectively with my uplines and downline.

      It’s about replacing car fuel with partial water product called Ethos.Given the fact I don’t drive and have no knowledge of car fuel, things did not go well for me.

      Back then MLM is about getting the people you know to join as your left and right wing for you to get paid. My sponsor just provided me the left wing and asked me to build right wing on my own.

      What’s the status of MLM now? Is this also how Empower recruits?

      Am now doing affiliate marketing with Amazon and Clickbank.

      1. Author

        Hey Amuro… I’m no longer building a traditional MLM. I am solely focused on Empower and we do not do any of the ‘old school’ methods of prospecting, training, etc.

        We have an amazing team/community and have built a very streamlined process on our team site to help people be able to train their new people simply by plugging them into the site. We also have an awesome Facebook group for our team where we answer questions and provide support and updates daily. This way everybody’s time is leveraged and we can all focus on marketing instead of technical questions. It allows us all to work less and make more. 🙂

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