Call To Greatness- Being Your Authentic Self

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 True greatness and success come when we are being our true authentic selves… not when we are pretending to be something we’re not, or trying to be like someone else. So much of the time, we go through our lives unable to be fully self-expressed and afraid to show our true colors and SHINE. We are all unique and we …

The Eye of the Tiger- Do You Have What It Takes To Succeed?

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 In order to succeed in this (or any) industry, it takes complete commitment and determination. Many people think they can succeed by simply ‘trying it out’, and that’s just not the case here. When we’re committed, determined and laser focused (what I like to refer to as having the ‘Eye of the Tiger’), we can literally accomplish anything we set …

How To Set Up Your Own Hosted WordPress Blog

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As you’ve heard me mention in some of my other posts and videos, having your own blog is KEY to your success on the internet. The best way for people to be able to develop a realtionship with you online is to have a place where they can come to access your valuable content (articles, videos, etc) so that they …

Creating Your Brand- The Truth About Online Network Marketing REVEALED

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Do you really believe that promoting your Network Marketing company all over the internet will help you build a substantial business? Think again… Yes, it’s true… posting the replicating website for your network marketing company all over Facebook, Twitter, & YouTube is NOT the best way to go about promoting your business. In fact, it’s probably doing you more harm …

Your Vision, Dreams, Goals, & Talents… Are You Truly In Love With Them?

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Falling in love with your vision, your dreams, your talents, your goals… this is truly the key to success. Have you ever seen a performance by someone so incredibly talented that you were literally moved to tears? I have… having an experience like this is one of the biggest gifts in life in my opinion… to see someone completely connected to their …

Day 1

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Setting Up The Groundwork and an Understanding About Internet Marketing Welcome to Day 1 of your ‘Setting Yourself Up For Internet Success’ video training series. Today we’ll talk about Setting Up The Groundwork and and Understanding About Internet Marketing. Remember, sharing valuable content is the key to successful internet marketing. Please share the love and share this lesson on Twitter …

Thank You For Subscribing

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