Blog Widgets- How To Add Images, HTML, and Links To Your Sidebar In WordPress

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blog_widgetsDo you know about all of the incredible blog widgets that are available to help you increase the functionality of your site (and make it look sexy!)?

There are literally millions of different plugins and blog widgets that we can find and easily install to our blogs so that we can create the features that we want our blog to have.

The blog widgets I’m going to discuss today are real simple ones that you will probably use quite often, the Simple Image widget and the Text widget.


Some Standard Uses For Theses Blog Widgets


Have you ever wondered how you could add an image or banner to the sidebar of your blog and have it link to an affiliate product? Have you racked your brain trying to figure out how to insert your logo from one of your other sites so that visitors could click on it and be sent to your other site(s)? Are you simply wondering how to insert your own photo so that it appears at the top of the page on every post and page of your site? If so, you’re totally in luck because these 2 blog widgets will help you to accomplish all of these things with a few clicks of your mouse.

Simple Image Blog Widget 

The Simple Image blog widget is easy to use. You can simply slide it onto your sidebar, add the image URL and the link URL and click save and VOILA! You now have a clickable image that links to wherever you tell it to.

Text Blog Widget 

The Text blog widget is simple to use as well. If you have the HTML code for an image or a banner from the backoffice of whatever affiliate product you are wanting to promote, you can paste it into the Text widget and the image will show up on your sidebar complete with your affilate link embedded in it, so that when someone clicks through you will automatically get credit for the affiliate sale.

Watch this quick video to learn how to use these 2 blog widgets:

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