Are You Using Your Gifts? Are You Fulfilling Your Purpose? I Wasn’t Before But I Am Now :)

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Are You Using Your Gifts? Are You Fulfilling Your Purpose?

Cathy Silva Your Sacred Gifts

Cathy Silva ~ The Innerwiz Coach

This post was inspired by my friend and AMAZING coach, Cathy Silva. Cathy recently coached me through a month-long program entitled Your Sacred Gifts. In this program, I had the opportunity to take some ‘tests’, listen to some audios, and have Cathy coach me to help me discover what my true ‘sacred’ gifts are, the gifts I was brought into the world with.

Literally on day 1 of the program after my very first coaching call with Cathy, she helped me to see that I had a lot of things on my plate that were not encouraging me to live into my real passions. I saw that a lot of the things that I was doing, I was doing simply because I’m good at them, talented and skilled at them… and many of these tasks were things that people would come to me for help with because of my skills.

I realized, with Cathy’s help, that in order to live into my true purpose in life, I would need to remove some of these tasks from my plate in order to make room for what’s important… the things that truly fuel my fire.

So, after my very first coaching call, I started removing things from my plate. And, although I had a lot of guilt about this at first (and was worried about who I might let down or disappoint), the minute I started doing it I started feeling a huge sense of relief.

By the end of the program, I discovered a TON about myself and what I was put on this earth to do.

The Gift of Music

One of my strongest gifts (and one that lights me up the most) is the gift of music. This does not mean that I am a gifted musician, or even necessarily talented when it comes to music. It just means that music is one of the main things that gives me access to joy in my life, and that I know that it’s one of the best ways for me personally to express what’s in my heart.

Music is one of the best ways for me to share my heart and my message with the world on a large scale… and it’s also something I don’t make nearly enough time for in my life.

So, thanks to Cathy Silva and the Your Sacred Gifts course, I’m clear that music needs to be a top priotity in my life. Cathy helped me see that I’m actually way more productive, in my business and all areas of my life, when I take the time to play music. What a concept. She helped me completely alleviate the guilt I was feeling about making music a priority in my life… the guilt I felt because I didn’t feel I was being productive when I was playing music.

You can learn more about my passion for music here (I took part of this video last week at a concert at Red Rocks):

In the course I also learned about some of my other strongest gifts. I am so much clearer now about what I’m meant to be doing here. Not only that (this is one of the coolest things of all), I learned how to recognize some of the other gifts (the ones I DON’T have) in others, so that I can attract the right people to help me move forward on my mission(s) in life without me having to do things I don’t like to do (administrative taskes, etc). Yay! What a relief.

In any case, if you want to experience true joy in your life ona  daily basis, I HIGHLY recommend asking youself these questions:

Are You Using Your Gifts? Are You Fulfilling Your Purpose?

And, if you want to take it even a step further, contact Cathy and go through the Your Sacred Gifts course with her. Click here to get in touch with Cathy and for more information.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this topic… and I’d be happy to answer any questions you have about it. And please share in the comments below: Are you using your gifts? Are you fulfilling your purpose?

I look forward to hearing from you…

To Your Success,

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