Are You Supporting the Network Marketing Industry as a Whole? Or Do You Have a Scarcity Mindset?

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Are You Supporting the Network Marketing Industry as a Whole? Or Do You Have a Scarcity Mindset?

Network_Marketing_IndustryAre you a supporter of other companies in the Network Marketing Industry? Or do you have a scarcity mindset when it comes to supporting people in other Network Marketing companies?

The Network Marketing Industry is amazing… and I firmly believe that if we all stick together and support each other, we’re all better off in the long run.

Many people have a scarcity mindset when it comes to supporting companies other than their own in the network marketing industry. I don’t understand it…

Don’t you want to support your fellow network marketers? And wouldn’t it be nice to have some customers in your downline who are building a business with another company in the network marketing industry?

This video explains my stance on this topic…


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It’s always unbelievable to me when I see people who are trying to keep their blinders on, as well as put the blinders on their downlines, and act like theirs is the only network marketing company on the planet (and actually hope that the members of their downline don’t realize that there are others).

I would actually prefer that my downline takes the time to do their due diligence, so that when they commit to building a business with me and my network marketing company, they know that they are in the right place, based on all of the other options out there.


I am also a believer in supporting as many other people in the network marketing industry as I possibly can. I am a part of several communities withing the industry as a whole (outside of my specific company), such as MLSP and the Empower Network. I feel very grateful to be continuously surrounded by amazing high conscious people from all different network marketing companies, as I know for a fact that we have a ton to offer each other.

Not only can we provide value to each other in the way of comradery, personal development, encouragement, mindset, events, etc.. but we can also provide immense value to each other in the form of products.

Let’s face it, some of the best products on the planet are produced by network marketing companies… so don’t you think we should all support each other, the cause, and the network marketing industry by using some of the other amazing products out there that are manufactured by network marketing companies other than our own? I do…

Another important part of the equation here is mindset. If you have the blinders on and are trying to protect your downline from learning about other amazing copmanies in the network marketing industry, you’re coming from a scarcity mindset.

Having a scarcity mindset in any sense of the word is detrimental to your ability to succeed in the network marketing industry or any other area of your life.


The best way to be successful in the network marketing industry (or anything for that matter) is to focus on the abundance that’s available to all of us and how fortunate we are to be in such an amazing industry that gives us the ability to tap into that abundance on a daily basis. 

 Entering into a scarcity mindset will not serve you, and it will deter your chances of success.

And, haven’t you ever noticed that coming from a scarcity mindset just flat out feels bad? I personally prefer to focus on having an abundance mindset any day of the week…

In a couple of weeks, I’m hosting an event at my house to support a friend in another network marketing company (I’ll be inviting MY friends to come here about HER products). I’m happy and excited to do it because

  1. It gives me the opportunity to help someone in another company reach her goals for the month… I get to make a difference (which is my main goal on a daily basis).
  2. It gives me the opportunity to learn something about another company in my industry and how they do business (education is always a good thing, in my opinion)
  3. It’s  a great excuse to have a bunch of friends over for a fun evening…

It’s a win-win in my opinion…

Not to mention, the woman who I’m hosting the party for is a customer of mine… she buys products from my network marketing company every month. And I’m not a customer of hers yet… so I need to learn about her product line so I can become a customer!

If you live near Boulder, Colorado and want me to host a party for your company, let me know… 🙂

And, regardless of what company you’re in, if you want to learn how I can help you build your business, CLICK HERE.

So… now I really want to know… are you supporting the network marketing industry and other network marketing companies than your own? Or do you have a scarcity mindset? Please leave your comments below…

To Our Success Together,

Amy Starr Allen




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