A Thanksgiving Blog Tip to Help You Get Tons of Traffic TODAY (video)

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A Thanksgiving Blog Tip to Help You Get Tons of Traffic TODAY (video)

Now is a great time to post some content on your blog about Thanksgiving and Gratitude.thanksgiving_blog_tips

Keywords related to Thanksgiving and Gratitude are being searched for largely right now, due to the timeliness of Thanksgiving… so it’s a perfect time for you to cash in on some of the traffic!

This video explains how to use timely events to generate a ton of traffic to your blog… and how, a year later, my content that I wrote around Thanksgiving last year is still ranking and starting to generate a ton of traffic to my blog… again! (This is what I love about content marketing).

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Last Year’s Thanksgiving Blog Post is Getting Me Tons of Traffic

Today when I logged into my blog, I noticed that a post that I wrote a year ago (about “Thanksgiving”) is currently getting a ton of traffic. ‘Tis the season… and millions of people are currently searching on the search engines for tearms like:

thanksgiving messages
grateful message thanksgiving
gratitude message for thanksgiving
thanksgiving message
messages for thanksgiving
thanksgiving message to my daughter
thanksgiving message to my family
thanksgiving gratitude messages
thanksgiving wishes for my daughter
grateful messages

Thanksgiving and Gratitude Traffic

Now is a great time to write some content using some of these keywords and to cash in on some of the “Thanksgiving” and “Gratitude” traffic!

I love making my gratitude list at this time of year anyway… it’s a great way to spend some time reflecting on the year and counting my blessings. Go here to see last year’s Thanksgiving message and Gratitude list.

And the fact that my post from Thanksgiving last year is starting to generate a ton of traffic again a year later is living proof that when you create valuable content and optimize it to rank on the search engines, it will continue to serve you for years to come.

Have fun creating your Thanksgiving gratitude list, ranking on the search engines, and cashing in on the surge of Thanksgiving traffic that’s happening right now.

Please let me know if you have any questions about cashing in on Thanksgiving and Gratitude blog traffic, or about the Empower Network, my team, or anything else. And please leave yor questions and comments below… I want to hear from you!

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