A Day In The Life Of An Unstoppable Entrepreneur

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Unstoppable-EntrepreneurToday’s post has been inspired by my amazing business partner, Ali Alvarez. Ali is a true inspiration and a living example of what it means to be an unstoppable entrepreneur.

If you’ve been in this industry for any length of time, you know that there are a ton of different obstacles and roadblocks that we are faced with, pretty much on a daily basis. If it was easy and peaches and cream all the time, a lot more people would succeed here.

The key to success is to be unstoppable. No matter what kind of ‘rejection’ you receive, no matter who quits, no matter WHAT.

You see, most people quit the very first time they’re faced with any kind of challenge, and then they wonder why their life looks exactly the same 5 years down the road.

If you make a decision that you are going to have an extraordinary life and commit to making it happen no matter what, you will set yourself up to be an unstoppable entrepreneur.

Here’s the thing… some people may laugh at you, tell you you’re crazy, or even run the other direction when they see you coming. So what. As long as you’re clear where you’re going and have a path to get there, none of that should matter. Do you really want your life to be dictated by people who don’t have any big dreams or goals of their own? I just have the utmost compassion for people like that… I feel sorry for them because unfortunately they stand in their own way of ever having a truly extraordinary life.

If you are truly committed to what you’re up to, you most certainly have something that has the power to make a huge difference in people’s lives. Maybe you have a product that can help with their health. Maybe you have a way to help people have financial abundance. Maybe you have a vehicle to help people create time freedom in their lives so that they can spend time with their children, travel, and do the things they really want to do in their lifetime.

So now imagine if you allowed yourself to be stopped because someone doubted you, hung up on you, or told you you were crazy. Think of all of the lives that would be affected because you gave up.

Whose life could have been changed, but wasn’t? Whose dreams could have been reached, but weren’t? Your decision to be unstoppable affects a lot more people than just you. Isn’t it worth it to keep going, no matter what? Are you an unstoppable entrepreneur?

A perfect example of an unstoppable entrepreneur

My business partner, Ali Alvarez, is a perfect example of an unstoppable entrepreneur. She’s only been in this business now for 7 months or so… and every day she shows her unshakeable commitment.

There’s no doubt in my mind that she will be hugely successful because of her drive and her will to succeed and this is ultra inspiring to me.

Ali_Alvarez-Unstoppable_EntrepreneurThrough the end of her pregnancy while taking care of a 2-year-old, she never stopped or made an excuse to not push forward in her business. And now, with a new baby and adjusting to being a mother of 2 (with all of the challenges that come along with that, especially with her husband being gone all day at work), she continues to figure out a way to make it happen. Sneaking calls in while one child naps and another nurses. Having to mute herself on 3-way calls while both of her children scream bloody murder. Driving around the neighborhood to get the kids to sleep while she makes her calls from the car. Ali is unstoppable. And it’s because of this level of determination that she is bound to be successful.

Here’s a quote from Ali’s daily post from today (this illustrates her level of commitment):

“In this business the phone is like a third arm that you can’t live without. You need your phone working, and you hope the person you are calling has their phone in order too. I’ve gone through my own challenges with this recently. First my blue tooth got fried and I had to order another, then my phone started to freeze up, not allowing me to make or receive calls, so I got a new phone, then I lost my Bluetooth. Where did my two-year old put it.? (please understand I am useless without a Bluetooth. I have to multi-task everything and cannot possibly hold a phone, and get a roast in the oven at the same time.) So I beg my husband to buy me a blue-tooth on the way home from work. And the very next day I find my blue tooth in the laundry basket buried under the clothes. Perhaps this the the universe challenging my commitment. Well I shake my fist at the sky, I am committed to this. Just you watch.”

There’s nothing that lights me up more than to have the opportunity to work with a blazing fire like Ali. It’s so rewarding to be able to play a part in helping someone take the bull by the horns and truly own their life. It is experiences like this that remind me why I love what I do so much. It is experiences like this that remind me why I am unstoppable.

How would Ali’s life have been different if I had given up years ago? What if I would have allowed myself to be stopped?

Here’s today’s video about what it takes and what it means to be an unstoppable entrepreneur:

I’ve had my share of challenges over the years I’ve been in this business, beleive me. It would have been easier for me to quit and to decide to go out and get a J.O.B. and start punching a timeclock instead. But my life wouldn’t look the way it looks today if I would have done that. And there are many other people whose lives wouldn’t look the way they do now either if I would have quit, including Ali’s.

I’m sure there are people out there who can’t stand my videos. I’m sure there are people out there who think I’m insane for doing what I do. I’m sure there are people out there who can’t relate to me and want nothing to do with me. I don’t care. I’m committed to having an extraordinary life and helping others have the same. I’m an unstoppable entrepreneur.

Please leave your comments below… and feel free to share this with your friends and followers. Spead the love. 🙂

To your unstoppable success,


  1. Wahoo – here’s to being unstoppable and being sexy! I love what you’re doing. BTW, what is your network marketing group?

    1. Author

      Thanks, Daphne! I’ve been with Life Force International (http://www.LifeForceSuccess.com) for 8 years, and I’m using Talk Fusion as a tool to build now (which is another company in the industry, another income stream). You can check out Talk Fusion here on my site on the ‘Featured’ page. xo-A

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