7 Critical Rules You Must Follow To Create Epic Content Online

7 Critical Rules You Must Follow To Create Epic Content Online

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Are you tired of nobody reading your blog except your mother?

Wondering why your content is getting any engagement or creating new loyal followers for you?

In this post (and video) I will show you exactly what’s missing in your content and help you get a completely different result with your content marketing.

If you’re insecure about your content marketing ability and find yourself constantly asking yourself, “Why isn’t this working for me?”, this video and blog post is for you. You’ll learn the 7 critical rules you must follow to create epic content online.


7 Critical Rules You Must Follow To Create Epic Content Online

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Here are more details about the 7 Critical Rules You Must Follow To Create Epic Content Online:

1) Solve a Problem

All too often I see people claiming that they’ve ranked #1 on Google… and then when I ask what they ranked for they say “All of the amazing things I learned one afternoon when I hung out with a  bunch of millionaires”- or some other long drawn out sentence that NOBODY is typing into the search engines.

In order for your content to be epic, it must be something that people are actually searching for. Otherwise, the chances of anyone seeing it are slim to none.

(**It doesn’t matter if it’s ranked #1 for a keyword that nobody’s searching for… because if nobody’s searching for it, it will never be seen).

The best way to accomplish this rule, is to solve a problem for your audience.

99% of the time when people type any keywords into the search engines, it’s because they have a problem they want to solve, or something they need to learn.

You will start create loyal followers when you follow this rule when creating your content- people will not only FIND you, but they will also LOVE you for solving their problems.

2)Provide an Action for Your Reader to Take

Give your reader something that they can implement right away. Whether you’re teaching them how to change a drill bit or how to optimize their blog post to rank in the search engines, if you give them an action step that they can take immediately to produce a result, they will love you for it (and probably become a loyal subscriber, follower, and fan for life).

3)Make Sure Your Content Is Relevant To Your Offer

In order for your blog to produce a profit, there must be a way for you to tie your content in with your offer.

You can do this by placing links within your content (when appropriate) to take your readers to your offer, or by bridging into your offer at the end of your post.

(In the video above, I give you an example of each of these techniques to make it simple to understand.)

In any case, if you are not somehow connecting your content to your offer, then your business is not-for-profit… so what’s the point?

4) Inspire People

Share a story (yours or someone else’s). People love stories and it’s a great way to inspire them.

When people are inspired, great things will happen for them (they will become greater than they knew themselves to be and unexpected resources will begin to show up for them).

If you are the person who is planting the seed of inspiration in people, they will continue to come back and check out your content again and again.

It’s a priceless way to provide value for your audience.

5) Share Something Current

Sharing a current event is a great way to become a person of authority for your audience.

I’m not suggesting you stay glued to the news (I don’t)… but keep an eye on trending topics in your niche as well as updates that your audience would like to know about.

For example, for my niche I could share about a change that is coming on Facebook  since that’s relevant information that they would want to know about.

Since I subscribe to some social media newsletters, I often find out about updates before most of the general public, so it gives me a current event I can share with my audience.

People will love you when you do this… because it keeps them in the know and ahead of the curve. Because of this, they will stay glued to your all of the content that you release until the end of time.

6) Be Entertaining and Engaging

There’s nothing worse than someone sharing something without any passion or enthusiasm behind what they’re saying.

Show your passion for your topic and keep it entertaining.

A great way to engage your audience is to let them have a look into your personal ‘behind the scenes’ life as well. Show them your children and some of the things you do for fun. This will allow people to feel much more connected to you…they will feel like they know you, like a friend. This is huge.

7) Use Video

Using video in your marketing is critical in this day and age.

For one, there’s no better way to connect with your audience and really allow them to feel like they know you (so they can start to like you and trust you as well).

Secondly, everyone is using video these days, so if you want to be able to stand out or compete with all of the noise on the internet, I suggest you use video as well.

There you have it… the 7 Critical Rules You Must Follow To Create Epic Content Online.

You should see a noticeable difference in the results of your content marketing once you start using these 7 critical rules when creating your content… and I can’t wait to hear about your results.

Did you receive value from this article?

Any experience about what’s worked for you in your content creation and marketing that you’d like to share?

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  1. Author

    Thanks, Andrea. Hopefully it will help get some awesome results for people… that’s the goal. 🙂

  2. Fantastic Tips, Amy. I see that a lot too, where people are getting overly excited about ranking on Google for totally strange things that people aren’t searching for. It’s good I guess that people are getting excited about blogging, though!

    #2 is a really great point!


    1. Author

      Thanks, Scott… glad it helped.

      Yes… #2 is key. I’ve found that the people I most often follow and stay glued to on a consistent basis are the ones who give me actionable steps that I can instantly implement and see results from. They tend to be the people that have helped me the most over the years.

      Thanks so much for stopping by and for leaving me a comment. I love meeting my readers! 🙂 xo

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