5 Steps to Becoming a Professional Problem Solver & Getting Paid the Big Bucks

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Ready to Get Paid the Big Bucks? Become a Professional Problem Solver…

Professional Problem SolverAre you working really hard in your online business and wondering why you’re still not making any money?

Money is simply an end result of the value that you put out into the marketplace… so the best way to get paid the most is to provide a ton of value.

What do I mean by value? I’m talking about solving the problems of the people who are your target market. I’m talking about becoming a professional problem solver.

Step 1- Identify Your Perfect Prospect (Your Ideal Avatar)

The first step is to identify your perfect prospect. If you don’t know who your perfect prospect (also known as your ideal avatar) is, the chances of you actually attracting them to your product or service will be a lot lower.

So, the first step is to ask yourself:

  • Who are you marketing to?
  • Who is it that you’re trying to attract?

Be sure to answer these questions in great detail. The more specific you are, the better… so take the time to really give it some thought.

For example, you might create a list that looks something like this:

My ideal avatar:

  1. is interested in (or already in) the network marketing industry
  2. is a self-starter
  3. has a success mindset
  4. likes to be a student and consistently learn new skills to help him/her succeed
  5. is committed to earning a minimum of $5000/month in residual income
  6. has a really strong ‘Why’ (something other than money)
  7. is extremely coachable
  8. is extremely driven
  9. Is interested in internet marketing

Step 2- Identify Your Prospect’s Problems

Once you have Step 1  figured out, it becomes much easier to figure out how to become a professional problem solver and start toProblem solver solve this person’s problems.

Using the ideal avatar from the example above, we know that this person would more than likely want to know how to

  • attract more leads
  • get more traffic to his/her website or blog
  • become better at prospecting
  • learn additional marketing techniques
  • find a tool to help market their business on the internet
  • become a better communicator
  • and the list goes on and on…

Step 3- Add Value to Your Prospect by Becoming a Professional Problem Solver

So now your job becomes simply to solve some of these issues and problems by adding value to your ideal avatar. This is where you actually start to become a professional problem solver.

You can do this in lots of different ways. For example, you could

  • create free content about any of the above topics and post it on your blog
  • host a webinar(free or paid) to teach some internet marketing skills
  • write some articles discussing some of these points
  • make some ‘how to’ videos to walk your ideal avatar through a step by step process to teach them a new skill
  • call your leads on th phone and see how you might be able to help them

Step 4- Rate Yourself

Finally, remember that the amount of money you’re generating is directly proportional to the number of people’s problems you are solving. So now you’ll want to ask yourself this question:

How many people’s problems (in your industry) did you solve last week? Honestly, how many? On a scale of 1-10, how would you rate yourself as a professional problem solver?

If you’re not making the kind of money you’d like to be making, chances are you’re only solving a few people’s problems, or maybe your aren’t solving problems for anybody.

The good news is… now you know exactly what you need to do to get to work to provide value for the marketplace. And, once you start to do this on a regular basis and actually become a professional problem solver,  the marketplace will compensate you for it.

Step 5- Attract the Right People

Once you identify your ideal avatar and become a professional problem solver, you will you start to attract more of the right people to you. You’ll start to attract the type of people that you really want to work with (and the type of people who really want to work with you!).

Not only will you start to grow your business and generate a lot more money in that regard, but as you develop more and more into a professional problem solver you can also start to create your own products. Creating and selling your own products will not only generate more income for you, it will also position you as even more of an expert in your industry which will, in turn, attract an even greater number of your perfect prospects to you.

So, as you can see, in order to get paid the big bucks in network marketing (or any industry for that matter), all you need to do is to become a professional problem solver. 

Are you a professional problem solver? have any good tips to add? Please leave your feedback in the comments below…

Expect Abundance,

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    1. Author

      Thanks, Hale. Yes, knowing your ideal avatar before you start marketing is key. 🙂 xo

  1. Amy, good advice. Might be wise to ask yourself before you write any piece of content whether it will appeal to your ideal target. Staying on track with your message is a key to success.

  2. Thanks for the advice, its greatly appreciated. So much time wasted as someone else’s ideal avatar and not really having anything to show for it due to not being mentored at all. Looking forward to new beginnings in the year. Merry Christams and all the best of blessings to you and your family in the coming year.

    1. Author

      Absolutely, Ed. I’m pumped about some awesome new things coming in 2012, too! Looking forward to big things! 🙂 xo

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