4 Tips To Help You Hit Your Goals- The Power of Focus and Commitment

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4 Tips To Help You Hit Your Goals- The Power of Focus and Commitment

hit your goalsI’m so excited… thanks to the power of focus and commitment (and the 4 tips I’m about to share with you), I just hit another goal that I had set for myself.

It’s amazing what, as human beings, are capable of when we set our mind to something (and focus and commit)…

We can accomplish pretty much anything we set our minds to…

In today’s video I’ll tell you about the goal I just hit, what part focus and commitment played in my goal, and 4 tips to help YOU hit your goals.

4 Tips To Help You Hit Your Goals- The Power of Focus and Commitment

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4 Tips to Help You Hit Your Goals

** these 4 tips to help you hit your goals are all discussed in the video above as well.

1) Find a mentor, coach, or accountability partner

I know for a fact that, in the example I gave you in the video about the goal I just hit, there’s no way I would have hit it if it wasn’t for my coach.

In this case, my coach also served as my mentor and my accountability partner as well.

In any case, having someone to teach you, push you beyond where you think you can go, believe in you and hold you accountable will make a HUGE difference when it comes to hitting your goals.

2) Discover your big “Why”

Unless you know WHY you want to hit your goal, what’s the point anyway?

And, for example, if you have a dollar amount in mind that you want to make, WHY do you want the money? What will the money give you in your life???

It’s extremely important to know your “why”… knowing it will certainly help you hit your goals.

Read my post about this here:  Is Your ‘Why’ Big Enough? How to Create A Powerful ‘Why’ That Will Cause You To Be Unstoppable

3) Lay out a plan

You need to have a specific plan in place if you want to hit your goals.

I find it works best to ‘start with the end in mind’.

Figure out your desired outcome and then break it down into smaller segments so that you know exactly what you need to do on a daily basis.

*I go into more detail about this in the video above as well.

Having an exact plan will make it MUCH more likely that you will hit your goals.

4) Invest in the necessary education and tools

If you are truly committed to hitting a specific goal, there will almost always be additional education and/or tools required that will make it much more likely.

In the example I gave you in the video above, I invested in a nutrition class which also covered the ‘Psychology of Food’. This is where I learned what to eat, when to eat (and not eat) certain foods, how much sleep to get, etc which helped me learn exactly what to do in order to hit my goal.

I also invested in the ‘dunk tank’ body fat scan so that I could track my progress.

In the financial example I gave in the video, I invested in this amazing blogging platform to help me get more exposure for my business.

I also invested in all of the other marketing training that the Empower Network offers so that I could learn everything I needed to know about marketing in order to hit my goal.

If someone wanted to become an opera singer, they would have to invest in voice lessons (education).

If someone wanted to play the guitar they would need to invest in lessons (education) and a guitar (tool).

Make sense?

I hope these “4 tips to help you hit your goals” have been helpful and helped to clarify some things for you.


Questions? Comments? I’d love to hear from you…

Did this video help get you understand the power of focus and commitment? Do you think these 4 tips to help you Please leave your thoughts (and any questions you have) in the comments below…


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