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4 Easy Steps To Reinvent Yourself in the New Year

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We change and grow both personally and in business.

How do you approach those times of reinvention?

Personally, the approach of a New Year is always a time of reinvention for me.

Every year at this time, I go through a period of reinvention. I know a lot of people do… creating New Year’s resolutions and thinking about ways they want to change or improve in the New Year.

Are you in transition-mode or wanting to make some changes in your life?

Here are some of the processes I use. I thought these may be helpful for you if you’re looking for some ways to reinvent yourself.

4 Easy Steps To Reinvent Yourself in the New Year


1) Reassess Goals– Every year at the end of December (right now!) I start to seriously reassess my goals. I think about exactly what I want to create in the coming year, in all areas of my life… and I write everything down.

Some of the areas I focus on are fitness/health, business, family/relationships, and spirituality. I set goals in each area… really specific ones. The more specific you are, the more likely you will actually hit your goals.


2) Review the Year– The next thing I do is look back over the year and think about what I’ve accomplished and what I can do differently in the New Year to see my new goals come to fruition.

Don’t overlook the small stuff… what happens with the human psyche is that we tend to forget where we came from and focus on where we want to be. It’s important to remember all of the little accomplishments and milestones we’ve hit along the way.


3) Celebrate Accomplishments– I feel that celebrating accomplishments is such a HUGE piece of the equation… we need to not focus on what didn’t happen over the last year, but focus on what did… and pat ourselves on the back for every accomplishment (even the ones we deem as small). This will signal the Universe to give us more things to celebrate… it’s so crucial, and also can be really fun.


4) Get Clear on ‘WHY’– One of the most powerful exercises I do, that has worked really well for me in the reinvention/manifestation process has been getting REALLY clear on my ‘Why’.

There are a couple of different parts to this…

One is to get clear about your overall ‘Why’, your BIG why (what drives you, what’s your underlying ‘purpose’ in life?). For example, my big why is to provide and extraordinary life for my children and to lead by example and be a good role model for them. This ‘Big Why’ is what drives me in every area of my life. For example:

  • It drives me to be successful in business so I can provide the things my kids want to do and have (and awesome vacations, etc)
  • It drives me in fitness (CrossFit!) because I want to be a role model and lead by example for my children about how important it is to be fit
  • It drives me in my spiritual practice because this is what centers me and makes me a better mother
  • And of course it drives me in the area of family/relationships because I’m always striving to be the best mother for my children and also model awesome healthy relationships with friends and other family members for them so that they can create the same types of relationships in their lives.

The second part is to get really clear on why you want each of the goals you wrote down.

For example, if you want a bigger house, write down as many reasons why as you can think of (to be able to entertain guests, to have more space for your kids to play, to be in a better neighborhood, etc). And do the same for every goal that you have.

This piece speeds up the manifestation process, because it will help you keep your goals clear in your mind at all times since you know exactly why you want them, and it also communicates your certainty to the Universe.

Those are the 4 steps that I follow when I’m ready to reinvent myself. And, like I said, I do it every year at this time.

How about you? What are some of the processes you use to reinvent yourself?

Have you used any of the ones listed here? If so, how has it worked for you?

I’d love to hear about what methods you use in periods of transition…

Please leave them (along with any comments, questions, or feedback) in the comments below.

I love comments and I love meeting the readers of my blog…. so drop me a line. 🙂

With love,




Amy Starr Allen

Amy Starr Allen

Founder of the Next Level Mastermind


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  1. Amy: Llevo mas de cinco años de encontrar una pantalla donde yo pueda ganar dinero. No he tenido suerte, pero insisto en ello, hasta que al fin pueda tener una, donde diariamente me produzca un ingreso que me permita vivir comodamente. Acudo a usted,para que al fin, me ayude a conseguir mis meta. Atentamente.

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