30 Minute Workday Marketing System Overview

30 Minute Workday Marketing System Review

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So, I know you’ve been hearing me rant and rave lately about the new marketing system I’ve been using to generate leads and sales online.   It’s called the 30 Minute Workday… and it’s my new favorite thing ever.

One of the reasons is because the other day while I was in the hospital with my daughter, the system was working on my behalf to generate leads, and I made some sales as well.  

What’s even better is that we have tons of marketing newbies jumping into the system right now and some of them are getting results (sales!) for the very first time ever online.  

It simplifies the marketing game big time, and in my eyes, it’s just a godsend. And, it’s f.r.e.e.  

So, today I have a little treat for you…  

I just shot a quick video to give you a peek behind the curtain so that you can see for yourself what’s inside the 30 Minute Workday system.

30 Minute Workday Marketing System Overview

Get access to your free 30 Minute Workday system here.

The 30 Minute Workday marketing system was created by my friend Nick Bramble to help online entrepreneurs to have a simple systematic approach to marketing online.

In it, he provides his 2 decades worth of education about how to understand the psychology behind how online marketing works, as well as the tactical knowledge and steps required to succeed with an online business.

The 30 Minute Workday system provides free lifetime access to the the 30 Minute Workday membership site, as well as free access to Nick’s 183 page ebook that explains How to Make Your First $100,000 Online in as Little as 30 Minutes Per Day , With Just 3 Super Simple PROVEN Steps.

Get access to your free 30 Minute Workday system here.

Be sure and let me know if you have any questions at all.

I’m always here to help, and would be happy to help you get this F.R.E.E. system set up for yourself and help you start generating leads and sales online.  

Enjoy the video!

Love you,  

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  1. Amy – you are the master on videos and explaining everything so clearly. I recently joined something very similar to this, and although I am pretty good at figuring things out on myself, I was thinking of the new person with no experience and this particular system I feel is just too challenging, difficult and confusing for the new person. The 30 Min Workday looks like more my speed. It looks very organized, clear and very step by step and at least from your video appears to be very simple to follow. I am an Aries, so I believe in clear, concise and organized systems. 🙂 Thanks for sharing Amy – looking forward to checking it out. 🙂

    1. Author

      Thanks so much for the feedback, LT. Yes, having a community of leaders so willing and eager to help out all of the newbies makes the HUGEST difference. I’m a busy single mom and it helps so much to know that my people will get every question they have answered immediately even if I’m not available personally when they ask. It gives me so much peace of mind knowing that my people are so supported, by people that really know their stuff. I look forward to having you in the community!

  2. Hi Amy,

    I just recently joined the 30-minute workday and I have a question that is probably a stupid one but if you don’t know, ask.
    Anyway, once I’ve set up the capture page in the phase one training is that all I have to do. I know that getting traffic is the next step but the bit about sending a daily email, is that just for other lists that I create, or am I supposed to do that on the 30mwd list as well?
    I hope that makes sense. Thanks for your help, Debbie

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