3 Tips To Creating A Sexy Facebook Fan Page That Will Help You Powerfully Promote Your Personal Brand

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As you probably know by now, Facebook is one of the best and most popular ways to promote your business these days. There are more than 500 million active users on Facebook, 50% of those log on in any given day, and people spend over 700 billion minutes per month on Facebook. It’s also translated into 70 different languages and used by people all ove r the world.

So if you’re not promoting yourself and your brand on Facebook yet, you’re missing out on a gigantic audience.

The best way to promote your ‘brand’ on Facebook is to create a ‘fan page’.

Talking about your business constantly on your personal profile tends to come across as a bit obnoxious and spammy and is often frowned upon… but through a fan page, business and brand promotion is expected. Therefore, when people ‘like’ your page (become a fan), they are essentially giving you permission to promote yourself and your brand by way of your page.

So having a fan page is essential.

Here are 3 tips to creating a sexy Facebook fan page that will help you powerfully promote your personal brand (I did a webinar on this topic last night, so please watch the video below for a live demonstration on how to implement these tips):

Tip #1: Create A Catchy Photo

The photo you add to your fan page is a crucial piece of your branding, and is much more important than some people realize. Here are few reasons why:

•Your Fan Page photo allows people to determine whether you are professional

  *THIS IS IMPORTANT- if you don’t come across as   professional, nobody will take you seriously and they are   unlikely to want to do business w/ you!

•Allows people to feel connected to you and know who they are potentially doing business with

•You can add a link to your website, a tagline, etc to identify your brand.

Some of the programs I recommend to help you create a catchy phote are

  • Photoshop (more advanced, and a bit of an investment)
  • Powerpoint (comes standard with Microsoft Office, easy to use, high functionality)
  • Picnik (free site, great for cropping, resizing, adding frames & effects)

(be sure and watch the video below to see some a complete demonstration on how to use Powerpoint and Picnik to spice up your photos)

 Tip #2: Configure Your Fan Page With Your YouTube Channel, Twitter, & Your Blog

It’s really helpful to your fan page visitors if they can look at your posts on other sites, all right from your page. A couple of free applications I recommend to add additional functionality to your fan page are

(be sure and watch the video below to see some a complete demonstration on how to use Involver and Networked Blogs to add additional tabs and functionality to your Facebook fan page)

Tip #3: Create a Welcome tab as your default landing page

Once you have a ‘Welcome’ tab on your fan page you can:

•Invite people to ‘like’ your page

•Give them an incentive to become your fan using bonuses, reveal tab, etc

•Give people a place to opt-in to your list as soon as they land on your page

•Appear as much more professional than having people just land on your wall

The tool that I use and LOVE and highly recommend if you want to create a snazzy Welcome tab on your Facebook fan page is called

This tool will allow you to fully customize your page and add videos, opt-in boxes, headers, etc without having to understand and html or fbml code, simply by plugging all of your features into one of the many awesome templates you can choose from.

(Be sure and watch the video below to see some a complete demonstration on how to use Fan Page Engine to create a fancy Welcome tab on your Facebook fan page, as well as how to make the Welcom tab the default landing tab for your page for first-time visitors).

Here’s the video from last night’s webinar that goes over all of these tips in full detail:

3 Tips To Creating A Sexy Facebook Fan Page That Will Help You Powerfully Promote Your Personal Brand from Amy Starr Allen on Vimeo.

If you’ve found this useful, please share it with your friends on Facebook and Twitter and share the love!

Also, be sure and leave a comment below with any feedback or additional Facebook fan page tips you’d like to share. 🙂

Expect Abundance,

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