3 Things Not To Do as a Network Marketer During the Holiday Season

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3 Things Not To Do as a Network Marketer During the Holidays

Black Sheep Network MarketerIn the network marketing industry, many people make the mistake of losing momentum in their businesses during the holiday season because they get caught up in the hustle and bustle and use that as an excuse to put their business on the back burner.

The holiday season can actually be a GREAT time to build your business as a network marketer, as there is a lot of networking that goes on naturally at this time of year as we attend parties and reconnect with friends and family members who we haven’t seen in a while.

HOWEVER, there’s definitely a right way and a wrong way to go about being a network marketer and growing your business during the holiday season.

Here are 3 Things NOT to Do as a Network Marketer at Christmastime

1) Do NOT ‘vomit’ on your friends and family members about your business at holiday parties.

Of course the people that haven’t seen you in a while or the people you’re just meeting for the first time will want to know what you’ve been up to or what you do for a living. But, when this question comes up it is NOT appropriate for you to go into a sales pitch or a presentation about your business.

The best thing you can do, is to continuously turn the conversation back to the person you’re talking to by asking lots of questions about them. You could answer their question briefly by saying something like, “I help people create residual income from home using the internet, but I really want to hear more about what you’re up to these days. How’s your job going?”

And then you can continue asking questions such as, “ Are you still living in the same neighborhood?” and “ What’s your wife doing for work these days?” and the list goes on and on.

As you’re listening to the responses to these questions, take note of each person’s current reality. Then, resist the urge to ‘vomit’ on them about being a network marketer and your business, just make a note to call them in a few days to invite them to take a look at what you’re up to.

As long as you’ve been a good listener, you can refer back to what they told you when you call them. For example, “When I saw you at the party the other day you said your wife had recently been laid off. I thought I’d give you a call to see if you’re interested in learning about what I’m doing which is a way that could add another stream of income into your household.”

2) Do NOT hand out samples and brochures at holiday parties.

Holiday parties are meant to be just that, holiday parties. They are not business networking events where it’s appropriate to goHoliday Season around to everyone you meet telling them about your business and giving them information and samples and telling them how great it is to be a network marketer.

Keep it clean… respect the fact that people did not come to the party to be pitched or sold or prospected. Again, simply focus on the people you’re talking to, don’t make it all about you. Find out what’s going on in their lives, and call them after the holiday season.

3) Even if someone (based on the tiny bit of information you’ve given them about helping people create residual income from home using the internet) BEGS you to know more about your business because they might be interested in something like that, do NOT do any type of presentation at the party.

Not even in a side room. It’s totally inappropriate and will have you ending up never being invited to another party (or becoming the black sheep of the family).

If someone really wants to know more, just let them know that now’s not a good time to go into it, but you’d be happy to call them to schedule and overview. Then just ask them when a good time to call would be and make a note to follow up with them at that time.

By following these simple guidelines during the holiday season, not only will you save your reputation with your friends and family members, you will actually have a lot more success as a network marketer by approaching your business this way.


You will also keep people curious about what you’re up to, and you’ll be demonstrating the best way to build a business to the people at the party who will end up joining you in your business.

Remember, everything duplicates in network marketing, so if you practice bad etiquette as a network marketer, the people you enroll into your business will do the same. And then you’ll all end up as the black sheeps of your families… which is never a good thing. 🙂

Happy holidays, have fun, and as long as you avoid these 3 things not to do as a network marketer, you can use the holiday season to fill your pipeline and watch your business explode in the beginning of the new year.

Please leave your comments and experiences about being a network marketer during the holiday season below…

Expect Abundance,

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  1. Amy, solid advice for holiday parties, in the work place, at the grocery story, or just about anywhere else. Love your style!

  2. Awesome advice Amy ,, really ,,, Hahahahha I have been that guy a couple times if people want to join you or hear more then do it on a work day. Always separate yourself from your work when you are out and about doing things.I can say this from experience because not only will you get laughed at and be shunned .. but SO WLL YOUR WIFE AND KIDS <!!!!!!!! hahahahaha ,, no really ,

    1. Author

      I know, Jason. I hope I can prevent some folks from having to experience it firsthand. 🙂 xo

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