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3 Important Life Lessons Learned In a Strength (Cross Fit) Competition

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3 Important Life Lessons Learned In a Strength (Cross Fit) Competition

I learned 3 important Life Lessons during a strength competition today…

So, if you’ve been following me lately, you know that I had a big Cross Fit strength competition today.

And I promised that I would let you know what happens so here you go.

What happened is…

It turned out to be one of the most amazing experiences in my life.

Here’s why…

I almost didn’t enter because, due to a surgery that I had a few years ago, my core is very weak and I often can’t keep up with other people (especially Cross Fit people).

One of my coaches encouraged me to compete, so I decided to do it (I’ve been really nervous ever since I made that decision).

Then I threw my back out earlier in the week which was perfect because it could have easily been the perfect excuse for me to throw in the towel and bow out of the competition.

But instead, I went to the chiropractor a couple of times and have been doing different types of therapy so that I could make it to the competition today.

When I got there, rather then getting discouraged because I’m not as strong as most people, I reminded myself that…

The ONLY person I’m competing against is MYSELF.

I remembered that it doesn’t matter how I compare to others… all that matters is that I continue to push myself and have personal breakthroughs.

In the end, I had a lot of fun AND I broke my personal record (also known as a PR in CrossFit) in all 3 categories of the competition.

I also came in 6th place.

This picture was taken during the back squat category of the competition.

crossfit competition

 And here are the lessons I learned today:

1) Most of the time, the limitations we place on ourselves aren’t even real.

Sometimes we just need someone to believe in us more than we believe in ourselves (my coach, in this case).

2) Never give up on your dreams.

Often times when we are really committed to something, obstacles will show up to test our commitment (throwing out my back, in this case).

My experience has been that when I push past the obstacles, the Universe delivers… pretty much every time.

3) Like the sign says that hangs in my office,

“Good things happen to those who go for it.”

Or, another way to say it is,

“You can’t win if you don’t play the game.”

(Had I chosen to stay in my comfort zone and not enter the contest, I wouldn’t have had this amazing experience or any of these breakthroughs).

It was an awesome day, to say the least… and I can’t wait for the next competition.

Here are some take-aways I wanted to pass along to you in regard to these lessons…

1- Maybe you just need someone to believe in you more than you believe in yourself… a mentor.

Learn more about me here... and know that when you choose me as your mentor, I’m committed to helping you breakthrough in all areas of your life.

2- Maybe you have obstacles in your way of getting started. When you push past those obstacles and just get started, the Universe will back you up.

3- Are you ready to ‘get in the game’ and start winning? Or are you going to stay on the sidelines and keep playing small?

The choice is yours…

To Your Success and Massive Breakthroughs,

Amy Starr Allen

I’d love to hear from you…

Did these life lessons help you have any breakthroughs? Are you ready to start living your dreams? Please leave your thoughts in the comments below…


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