3 Criteria for Building a Successful Network Marketing Business

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3 Criteria for Building a Successful Network Marketing Business

successful network marketing businessAs you’re probably aware by now, I’m in a big transition period in my network marketing business.

I have been doing a huge amount of research and due diligence as I move into the next phase of my career…

This has all been very interesting, educational and exciting and I wanted to share with you some of my thoughts and things that I’ve learned (about the industry and about myself) along the way… and some of the criteria that I find crucial in order to build a successful network marketing business.

I’ve been in the network marketing industry for over 9 years, and I’ve built a successful business and full-time residual income. However, in the beginning of 2012 I decided that I wanted to step things up a couple of notches and create a network marketing business and a system that will easily allow me to help others achieve the same (or better) results that I have.

First of all, I took a long hard look at my business and thought to myself,

“What’s NOT working about my network marketing business?”

I realized that what it all comes down to is that people will never succeed in a network marketing business where they aren’t doing activities on a daily basis that they LOVE to do.

So, by training people to make a list of their friends and family, cold call leads, initiate the 3-foot-rule, hand out samples at gas stations and coffee shops,etc, I’d be doing (most) people a disservice, because most people do not like to do these things and will not continue to do them long enough to build a successful network marketing business.

I know that what I love to do (my true passion) is to leverage the internet to build a network marketing business and to teach others how to do the same (those that this is of interest to, that is).

So, my next question to myself was,

“What do I need to have in order to be able to build a business this way, and to easily help others to do the same? What does the network marketing business I’m in need to have in place in order for me (and my team) to be successful?”


I made a list of criteria that I need in order to build a successful network marketing  business. This consisted of things such as:

  • awesome  capture pages
  • and effective email autoresponder sequence
  • a powerful direct response sales/opportunity presentation
  • and the list goes on…

Once I had my VERY specific criteria in place, it made it easy for me to see the things that met these standards, and to rule out anything that didn’t meet my specific criteria for building a successful network marketing business.

I also have some things in place that absolutely WON’T work for me when it comes to building a network marketing business.

You see, I am EXTREMELY passionate about the network marketing industry and what it provides, but here are some things I am NOT passionate about:

1) Asking people to do things that they don’t want to do (or that I’m not willing to do myself) in order to build a network marketing business.

For example. if I’m not willing to drive around town with a bunch of samples in my car and hand them out to everyone I come in contact with, how can I possibly expect my team to do it? My goal is to teach people how to build a successful network marketing business doing things that they are passionate about and primarily, by leveraging the power of the internet.

Criteria #1: Being able to help people build a network marketing business doing something they love to do each day.


2) Doing something (building a network marketing business) just for the money

There’s a lot of flash out there when it comes to choosing a network marketing business these days. And there are definitely a lot of ‘good’ companies that can offer a decent comp plan for the people that want to build a business. But what I’ve been finding upon doing my due diligence, is that when it comes right down to it, the products in many of these companies lack integrity… and personally I cannot put my name behind something that falls into this category.

Here are a couple of examples…

Some network marketing companies have very ‘sexy’ products promoting things that are very ‘hot’ in the marketplace right now (weight loss, etc), but the products involved with some of these programs are not anything that I would personally want to put into my body (even if it might help me lose weight). After being in the wellness industry for as long as I have, I am very conscious about certain ingredients, etc. and if I’m not personally willing to put these products into my body,  I certainly can’t expect anyone else to. I personally don’t care how much money I can make doing it, I know that if I’m offering something that I don’t personally believe in, I won’t be able to sleep at night knowing that there’s something less than beneficial that I’m offering to people.

Another example that I recently came across were some other very ‘sexy’ network marketing companies that look great once again for the people who want to make money by building a network marketing business, but if someone was to buy the products simply from a consumer standpoint, they’d be paying way more for the same exact product that they can easily find elsewhere. In this case, once again, I would not be able to sleep at night if I was selling something to people that was overpriced and has no real value to them unless they recommend it to others in order to make money themselves. This, once again, makes it all about the money, and I can’t personally stand behind something like this.

Criteria #2: Products with integrity


3) Building a network marketing business with a high attrition rate

This is a big pitfall that I’ve seen and have personally come up against during my 9 years in the network marekting industry. I’ve watched people (myself included) put a ton of time and energy into recruiting people into their network marketing businesses only to have them fall away the following month. What happens in this situation is that people feel like they’re treading water, or spinning their wheels… because, no matter how hard they work or how many people they recruit in a given month, enough people fall away in the same month that their overall volume pretty much remains the same.

This is one of the most frustrating things about attempting to build a residual income, in my opinion. And, quite frankly, residual income is the real reason I’m in this industry. I’m all about having a ‘walk-away’ income that will continue to come in whether I work or not. Building a network marketing business in a company with a high attrition rate makes it very difficult to achieve true walk-away income.

So, that being said, another criteria in order for me to get behind a network marketing company, is that it has products that produce RESULTS. Noticable results that make people want to continue to order the products every month FOREVER.

Criteria #3: Results-driven products for long-term residual income

This video goes into detail about these things…

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By now you’re probably saying to yourself, “Wow… she’s really picky when it comes to choosing a network marketing company.”

And, yes, it’s true. I am VERY picky because I’m definitely not someone that jumps around  from company to company… and my main interest is in setting up a business and a system that my whole team can easily succeed with AND feel really good about.

So hang tight… because I’ll be rolling something out soon that I think you’re really gonna dig. I have to say that this is honestly one of  the most exciting times in my entire network marketing career. And once things are ready to roll, you’ll be the first to know.

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To our enormous success,

Amy Starr Allen

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  1. Holy….!!! Truly admire and respect what you are doing! Luv ya and support you all the way!

    Congrats to you!!!


    1. Author

      Thanks, J Leigh. I can’t wait to tell you what I have up my sleeve. It’s pretty amazing. 🙂 xo

  2. Aloha Amy,
    I’ve been reading and watching your post with great interest, as you say there very fundational tips for any business online, especially regarding the choice of the products to market.
    Indeed, to keep a best attrition rate, we need to choose not only products that get results, and that people want to buy ad buy again, but also an easy to DUPLICATE marketing system.
    As even with a good attrition rate, your team can keep being numerous, but just not grow, if they don’t duplicate, but only pay for their monthly auto=ship or membership.
    Thanks Amy!

    1. Author

      That’s exactly it, Brigitte. I’m tired of all that, for sure! I’m VERY excited about what lies ahead. 🙂 xo

  3. Amy,You have been holding strong through all the ups and downs. All I can say is “you go girl!” I’m excited to hear about what you have up your sleeve girlfriend! xoxo Rosie <3

  4. I appreciate what you are doing Amy. Due Diligence is where Golden Rule rubber meets the road.

    There is an emerging global realization that the “99%” (including all species) have mostly been relegated to functioning as a traction surface for those interests . . . well, here’s how George Carlin put it:


    People need a Solution and I appreciate your integrity in testing the bridge and jumping up and down on it a few times before inviting others to cross it.

    That is Precisely what we need more of in this world. Good work.

    “One for all and all for one.” – The Three Musketeers.

    1. Author

      Thanks, Patrick… and that’s exactly it. If I’m going to take people on a journey with me, I have to make sure it’s the right path. 🙂 xo

  5. I agree with you in showing people how to do their Network Marketing business online. I do offline too but I prefer online. I love talking with people but I can do that on the phone. Great article and good luck to your success.

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  7. Wow, very well said. You’ve articulated verbally in your video the very words that I’ve been thinking about some ‘health and wellness’ companies out there. Integrity of product is crucial for long term sustainability. The main focus should not be on making money, if it’s a product that we know in our heart of hearts is mot good for people.

    Thanks again, Amy, for the wise words both spoken and written.


    1. Author

      Thanks, Juli. I agree… it’s amazing how much greed there is in this industry… people just looking at how they can make money, even it it means compromising their integrity. I couldn’t do it personally. 🙂 xo

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