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2 Ways To Create Paragraphs or Line Breaks In Facebook Messages

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Have you ever tried to send a long message to someone on Facebook and you either

1) Ended up sending it as one big long paragraph or

2) You sent it before you were ready because you hit the enter key to create a line-break or a paragraph and it sent your incomplete message?

If so, you’re certainly not the only one.

I created this video last night because I heard 2 different people complaining about this Facebook feature yesterday…

I wasn’t sure it was worthy of an entire blog post… but I figured I’d put it up here just in case it could help someone.

It’s a super quick tutorial… and I hope it’s helpful!

2 Ways To Create Paragraphs or Line Breaks In Facebook Messages

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      Yep, Andrea, you and most everybody else. That’s why I figured this training was in order. Hopefully it will help some folks. 🙂

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