Quantum Manifestation & Moving Beyond Limiting Beliefs With Jocelyn Sandstrom

#063: Quantum Manifestation & Moving Beyond Limiting Beliefs With Jocelyn Sandstrom

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In this episode, I am joined by Jocelyn Sandstrom.

Jocelyn specializes in mindset and quantum energy work and she helps her clients release deep-rooted issues from their past that are holding them back so that they can turn their dreams into a reality.

During our conversation, Jocelyn shared what quantum manifestation looks like and why human beings have such a hard time believing that the universe has their back.

She also shared the importance of not trying to fit ourselves into a box, and that the more true we are to ourselves the more we magnetize our people to us.

If you’ve ever wondered how to check in with your soul to walk your true path and remove the roadblocks that are standing in your way, this episode will help you.

Enjoy the episode!

Quotes From This Episode

  • I go through the fires and then I rebirth and then I bring that to the world.
  • Our home is the entire planet. It’s not just where we are.
  • If your story doesn’t serve you, you can put that story down and you can change your story. It’s just a story anyway.
  • Quantum manifestation isn’t about manifesting that one thing – the house, the car, or the money. It’s about manifesting a way of being. It’s about being in alignment, living your best life, trusting that the Universe has your back.
  • Evolution is not about trying to fit into a box. Everybody that’s ever evolved and innovated and created something incredible did something outside of the box, and they had a knowing that drove them beyond people’s opinions. Every single one of us is here to evolve the world.
  • We get to be the bamboo. We get to be strong, we get to have these ideas, but then when the wind blows, we get to move with it. We get to be versatile, we get to be flexible because we have the resilience and inner power and nothing’s fixed.
  • We don’t have to wish for something that’s not here. If we love it, we can cultivate it right now. We get to have it all when we stop looking for lack.
  • It’s when we are measuring for results that we take ourselves out of the zone. The more true we are to ourselves, the more we magnetize our people to us.

Here are some of the topics that were covered in this episode:

  • 0:00 Intro
  • 3:40 A little about Jocelyn and her back story
  • 5:00 How we can choose to put our story down if it doesn’t serve us any longer.
  • 6:30 What quantum manifestation looks like and why humans have such a hard time believing that the universe has their back
  • 9:15 The reprogramming process that Jocelyn uses to help people move beyond their limiting beliefs and out-of-alignment ways of being
  • 12:00 The role that comparison plays in our lives and our success and the importance of not trying to fit into a box
  • 18:00 Why some people like to plan things ahead and others like to act from inspiration, and which way is better
  • 22:00 How to determine what to embody in order to get the results that you desire and how to stay out of the wobble of indecision
  • 29:00 The importance of gratitude and how it creates abundance in our lives
  • 35:00 How each one of us is a miracle and why each of Jocelyn’s miscarriages was the greatest gift she could have received.
  • 39:00 The Pygmalian effect and how it works
  • 44:30 Noticing where you are suppressing yourself in your content or watering it down so that you can tap into your inner power to bring your voice out into the world to build your audience
  • 50:00 What it looks like to ‘play’ with quantum physics
  • 55:00 Jocelyn’s offerings and some ways you can work with her
  • 62:00 Closing thoughts

About Jocelyn Sanstrom:

Growing up in Hawaii, Jocelyn has lived and worked in 12
different countries. This experience has allowed her to
realize that even though we may speak different languages or have different traditions, at our core, we are all the same.

She has used this knowledge to help and support clients
around the world in creating next-level success not just in
their careers but in their personal lives as well.

Since 2010, she has been providing Quantum Energy
Sessions and teaching Neuro-Linguistic Programming,
Neurological Re-patterning, and the Millennium Method to clients globally. In 2022, she founded Wellness and Metaphysical, a community-driven platform that promotes a higher level of consciousness through expos and retreats.

Jocelyn’s mindset and energy work have propelled her career, allowing her to work with leading global luxury brands like Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Fendi, Cartier, Tiffany & Co., Christian Louboutin, and Yves Saint Laurent, among others.

She has been featured on the covers of Elle, Marie Claire, Esquire, Harper’s Bazaar, and more.

Alongside her husband, she has hosted two travel shows and appeared in various feature and short films. Now, she is focused on sharing her knowledge and experience through coaching and
mentoring to help others turn their dreams into reality.

Jocelyn is a certified Teacher and Practitioner of Advanced Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Neurological Repatterning, Eriksonian Hypnosis and a Millennium MethodTM. She is also a certified Yuen MethodTM and Reiki practitioner.

Jocelyn specializes in helping clients release deep-rooted issues from their past that are holding them back. She supports clients in building not just success but also fulfillment at the same time because success without fulfillment is empty, leading to burnout and anxiety. She supports her clients to discover their authentic truth and share that with the world, magnetizing their energy to start
attracting people and opportunities out of the blue, enabling them to fall in love with themselves and their life while creating more success than ever before!

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