#062- Social Media Tips to Help You Move the Needle in Your Business With Karlyn Ankrom

#062: Social Media Tips to Help You Move the Needle in Your Business With Karlyn Ankrom

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In this episode, I am joined by Karlyn Ankrom.

Karlyn is a lead strategist and social media expert who specializes in helping business owners get unstuck in their social media efforts in only on hour per week.

During our conversation, Karlyn shared her thoughts about the best way to use AI on social media, the 2 main types of calls-to-action to use on social media, and how to navigate having a balance between personal and professional on social media.

She also shared some useful tips about how to use time lapse videos in a pinch to help you to eliminate excuses, when to adopt a bot in your social media strategy, and more!

If you’ve ever wondered how to simplify your social media efforts so that you are spending your time on what will actually move the needle in your business, this episode will help you.

Enjoy the episode!

Quotes From This Episode

  • Make it easy for people to know what you do and how they can get more from you.
  • If you are out there trying to game the system with AI, you will overall lose. But, if you are utilizing it as a tool to get you to the next step or to get new concepts or new ideas to spark something that relates back to you, then it’s a good idea.
  • It’s not fair to compare your chapter 3 to someone else’s chapter 30 in business. That will only lead to paralysis. Keep your eyes on your own paper and just get it done.
  • Time lapse videos can be your best fiend. And they eliminate excuses.
  • Social media gets to be fun. And there was a time when it was fun, when we weren’t so worried about what everyone else was doing.
  • Comparison will forever steal the fun of social media and it will steal your inspiration, which is the lifeblood of motivation.

Here are some of the topics that were covered in this episode:

  • 00:00 Intro
  • 2:20 Karlyn’s back story and how she became so passionate about social media
  • 7:00 The importance of honing in on a skillset
  • 8:30 The best things for business owners to focus on achieving on social media (hint: it’s not views)
  • 12:30 Why it’s important to have a next step that you are driving people to from social media in order to nurture the relationship with your audience members
  • 17:15 Why it’s important to be consistent and to make it easy for people to know what you do and how they can get more from you
  • 18:00 The 2 types of calls-to-action (CTA’s) and how to use them effectively on social media
  • 26:00 The right time and place to use bots in your social media engagement strategy
  • 29:00 How to navigate the balance between personal and professional on social media
  • 33:00 To niche down or to not niche down?
  • 36:00 Some social media tips for entrepreneurs to help to move the needle
  • 44:30 When it’s okay to use AI to help with your social media content (the 3 things Karlyn suggests using AI for- inspiration, speed, and repurposing content)
  • 51:00 Ways that you can work with Karlyn Ankrom
  • 53:00 Some tips about batching content, B roll videos, and how to make time lapse videos to use on social media.

About Karlyn Akrom:

Karlyn Ankrom is the founder and lead strategist of Oh Snap! Social and creator of the Fan Firestarter Framework, a new approach to social media marketing made specifically for businesses “tempted to fake their own death and flee to Tahiti at the mere thought of content creation.”

Backed by a journalism degree, Karlyn has always been creative and loved writing. As the world transitioned from Web2 to Web3, she has seen the evolution of social media taking the place of traditional PR, with businesses utilizing it to get information to potential clients and the press without the traditional press release.

Karlyn developed her user-friendly strategy after working for a decade with a variety of brick-and-mortar businesses that were decidedly social media allergic, not because they didn’t want to do social media, but because they were intimidated by it. In response, her new system helps newbies get on the fast track to “unsticking their social media” in just one hour per week.

Karlyn has written for the Social Media Examiner, been highlighted in Business Insider, and appeared on ABC 7 news.

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