#059- Journal Prompts, Burning Bowl Ceremony, and Reflections to Help You Enter into 2024 Gracefully and Powerfully

#059: Journal Prompts, Burning Bowl Ceremony, and Reflections to Help You Enter into 2024 Gracefully and Powerfully

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I have a new podcast episode for you!

It’s a new year… and I love this time of year because it always feels like a blank slate.

It’s a chance to start again, to look back over the last year and see what worked and what I wish I would have done differently, or what I regret not doing that I may want to do this year. 

There are a few questions that I like to ask… either at the end of the year or the beginning of the new year. I do this in my journal, but you could also do it with a partner or friend.  

These questions are a great way to reflect back over the last year to remember some of the great decisions that you made, to remind yourself that you are capable of making great decisions and that it’s safe to follow your heart. 

And, remembering the great decisions that you made can help you know what type of decisions you’d like to make more of in the coming year. 

It’s also powerful to think about where you want to be on this day next year, or who you want to be. And not to create a resolution but to cast a vision for your life. 

I hosted the Grow Rich mastermind yesterday morning so I’ve included the recording of part of that call in this episode. 

On that call I went into detail about each of my journal prompts (questions) in case you’d like to use them yourself…. and you will find them all in this episode!

I also spoke about how to create a ‘fun’ resolution… one to bring more joy into your life. Because, why not? We can all use a little more joy, right?
And I shared some words of wisdom from one of my role models, Michael Franti, about creating a personal motto or a family motto that you can use as your north star to guide you in the right direction each day. 

In addition to the call recording, I shared about the Burning Bowl ceremony I did on New Year’s Eve, and a couple of other reflections to help you enter into 2024 gracefully and powerfully, without overlooking where you have been and all that you have accomplished over the last year.

Enjoy and I hope it serves you as a reminder that this life is what you make it. This is your path, this is your journey. It’s nobody else’s. Just yours.

And this is your year, too. So you can make it whatever you want it to be.

I love you, and please remember that I’m here to help, always.

With love and gratitude,


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I love you!

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