#056- Tapping Into Your Soul Centered Creativity and Creating Momentum With Ruth Klein

#056: Tapping Into Your Soul Centered Creativity and Creating Momentum With Ruth Klein

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In this episode, I am joined by Ruth Klein. Ruth is a joy and has so much wisdom when it comes to helping people get out out of their own way and tap into their soul aligned creativity.

She’s an expert in brand strategy, time management and productivity, and the author of 7 best selling books.

Ruth specializes in helping her clients create bigger possibilities in their lives and to generate higher levels of income.

In this episode, Ruth teaches about her soul centered coaching process and shares how to create a best selling book in just 5 months!

She also talks about the importance of just showing up for yourself, and shares about why she is a firm believer in journaling.

She even shares her personal journaling process that she uses to start each day.

If you’ve ever wondered how you can move beyond your limiting beliefs and be much more productive and creative in your life and your business, this episode will help you.

Enjoy the episode!

Quotes From This Episode

  • We are purjuring ourselves when we say we can’t do something, or that we feel we’re a fraud, or when we think that we’re not good enough or smart enough.
  • Just show up. Do what you need to do and show up.
  • You cannot do everything on your own. Period.
  • If you are feeling overwhelmed, just take one step forward. The moment you get into action, your anxiety level goes down.
  • In the reality that we can’t see is where ideas come to fruition. That’s the space that is real. It’s a sacred space. It’s the space that has the most richness, the most authenticity, and it has the unique gifts that are only given to us.
  • We don’t have a chance to breathe and we don’t take time to pause. And it’s in that pause, it’s in that breath, that we can create something new.
  • We are so busy doing, that we lose a lot of our creativity, we lose a lot of who we are, and we definitely lose our time, our life.
  • We all get divinely gifted downloads from the Source, and only a few of us follow up on them.
  • Gratitude is a celebration of life.

Here are some of the topics that were covered in this episode:

  • 00:00 Intro
  • 2:45 Who is Ruth Klein?
  • 4:30 The importance of identifying your ‘Genius Zone’ – how we take the things that we’re good at for granted
  • 8:00 How to write a best selling book in 5 months
  • 13:30 How to guard your time and create healthy (loving) boundaries
  • 15:30 The importance of celebration
  • 17:00 Using your intuition to know which chapter (or content) to work on next
  • 18:30 Ruth’s soul centered coaching process
  • 19:45 The yin and yang of mindset vs. skillset and why it’s important to have a balance of both
  • 23:00 The importance of self esteem and self concept and valuing yourself as a leader
  • 25:30 The most common limiting beliefs that get in our way
  • 30:00 Why it’s important to just show up (and how we lose trust in ourselves when we don’t)
  • 32:30 How to create and implement things without doubt and fear and how judgement stands in our way
  • 42:20 Why Ruth is a firm believer in journaling
  • 49:30 Avoiding burnout by focusing on being instead of doing
  • 51:45 Ruth’s journaling process
  • 59:30 Ruth’s free gift: 30 Days of Morning Momentum Coaching
  • 1:04:00 Ruth’s closing thoughts

About Ruth Klein:

Ruth Klein is the CEO of Expert Celebrity Branding™, Brand Visibility Strategist and Master Book Coach, Author of 7 bestselling books and works with high-achieving entrepreneurs, coaches, sales professionals and company founders.

Her focus is to help her clients expand into bigger possibilities, higher income and make a major impact far beyond their perceived goals and expectations.

With a successful career that spans over thirty years, she has helped her clients create a 360° Brand and convert their expertise and content into legacy books, high ticket clients and programs, hundreds of millions of dollars for founders, nearly a $1,000,000 one year consulting gig for an Inc. 500 past executive, filled legal and financial client’s businesses and helped clients write best-selling books and speeches.

Ruth holds Master’s Degrees in both Clinical Psychology and Spiritual Psychology with an emphasis on Consciousness, Health and Healing.

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