#052- Achieving Freedom Through Radical Self Responsibility Using Breathwork, Meditation, and More and With Lee Davy

#052: Achieving Freedom Through Radical Self Responsibility Using Breathwork, Meditation, and More With Lee Davy

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In this episode, I am joined by Lee Davy. Lee teaches people how to achieve true freedom by taking radical self responsibility for everything that has led them to this point in their lives.

Lee specializes in breathwork, meditation, and other powerful tools to help people achieve the freedom and transformation they are seeking in business, in relationships, and in all areas of their lives.

In this episode, Lee shares some of the processes he takes his clients through to help them to make radical shifts in their lives, and why these tools are so effective.

He covers the benefits of adrenaline (jumping out of airplanes, etc), why the frequencies of the foods we eat matter, how mastering ourselves helps us as entrepreneurs, and even how to structure your day for best results.

He also shares what his ‘Darkness Retreats’ provide and what happens for people when things such as sight and devices and people are removed for several days.

If you’ve ever wondered how you can elevate your life and your business using tools that you already have access to such as breathwork and meditation, or you just want to take your transformation and mastery to a new level, this episode will help you.

Enjoy the episode!

Quotes From This Episode

  • We are here to experience. So if you are being called to a medicine journey, it’s because that’s an experience that your soul wants.
  • Awareness precedes transformation.
  • Life is the gift.
  • If you own all of your stuff, all of the things that have gotten you to this place in your life, if you will take this level of responsibility, I think you’ll be amazed at where you can go.
  • If we can show up first and foremost for ourselves, then we can show up for each other more fully. And this is how we change the world. This is how we cross the bridge to a world that truly works for each and every one of us.

Here are some of the topics that were covered in this episode:

  • 00:00 Intro
  • 2:15 Lee’s back story
  • 6:00 What is true freedom? And what does it mean to live from the higher laws?
  • 8:30 What is radical self responsibility?
  • 12:30 How we’ve been pre-programmed to a Newtonian model of reality, where we give our power away to the external person, thing or circumstance
  • 14:15 The benefits of breathwork and meditation from a scientific perspective (and why this matters for entrepreneurs)
  • 16:30 Is breathwork something that people can do on their own every day?
  • 18:20 What is 5D Breathwork?
  • 20:00 Lee’s thoughts on plant medicine and breathwork, based on his experience with both
  • 28:00 How adrenaline (jumping out of airplanes, etc) can help with trauma the same way that plant medicine does (retraining the nervous system)
  • 30:00 Lee’s take on diet and the frequencies associated with different foods
  • 32:00 Lee’s experience with physical fitness and gym ownership in the past and his current program entitled ‘Self Mastery’.
  • 33:00 How mastering ourselves at this level helps us as entrepreneurs
  • 35:30 How to structure your day for best results to incorporate these important practices
  • 37:20 Intermittent fasting and Lee’s take on it
  • 38:00 Conversation about cold plunging and heat
  • 39:00 Why it’s not true that we have to slow down when we age (how modern tools can help us feel young)
  • 41:30 How radical self responsibility carries over into our businesses and every other part of our lives
  • 44:30 Details about Lee’s ‘Darkness Retreat’ model and what happens to the mind during that process
  • 49:00 Lee’s closing thoughts about trying some of these tools with an open mind to create or recommit to your sacred self journey.

About Lee Davy:

Lee Davy is an inspirational author, creator,speaker, retreat host, breathwork specialist and leader in global health. The co-founder of Connected Community, co-steward of the Unified Alliance, co-owner of Imiloa Institute, founder of 5D Breathwork, and co-creator of the Breathwork Atrium has worked with clients one on one and with groups all over the world for more than 20 years.

Lee shares his voice, story, journey, passion and compassion to support others in their journeys – should they ask for assistance – to fully understand and embrace their highest selves – beyond all illusion.

#052: Achieving Freedom Through Radical Self Responsibility Using Breathwork, Meditation, and More and With Lee Davy

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