#051- Simplifying the Social Media Game With Lauren Litt

#051: Simplifying the Social Media Game With Lauren Litt

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In this episode, I am joined by Lauren Litt. Lauren teaches entrepreneurs how to simplify their social media strategies so that they can be more effective and avoid burnout.

Lauren sees social media as an incredible free tool that has the ability to help people get their voices and their messages out into the world, and she loves helping entrepreneurs to make their mark in this way.

In this episode, Lauren shares some of the processes she takes her clients through to help them to find the best social media platforms to use for their brand, and the appropriate amount of content to create. She helps people figure out their content ‘pillars’ and helps people repurpose their content to get the most use of of their best content.

If you’ve ever wondered what the best social media strategy would be for your brand and business and the best way to get the most helpful content out to your audience, this episode will help you.

Enjoy the episode!

Quotes From This Episode

  • Nobody actually knows what they’re doing. We are all just testing and tracking.
  • It’s okay if you hate social media. You can still be good at it.
  • Everything is about learning. There is no bad content.
  • Be brave. Be you.

Here are some of the topics that were covered in this episode:

  • 00:00 Intro
  • 2:45 Lauren’s back story
  • 4:45 Why some people want to hide on social media and not be seen by their friends and family
  • 5:45 Focusing way too hard on selling vs. being authentic about the journey
  • 7:00 Nobody knows what they’re doing, we are all just testing and tracking.
  • 8:15 The foundational things that Lauren does to help people with their messaging
  • 9:40 The ‘Big Rocks’ process that Lauren takes her clients through
  • 12:00 The importance of selling the full experience of you- not just your business
  • 15:30 The importance of sharing your face in your marketing
  • 16:00 How Lauren uses her acting background to coach people who don’t like social media or being on camera
  • 19:00 Why your social media routine should be more like Lauren’s hair routine
  • 21:30 Why it’s okay to reuse your content if it’s great content
  • 24:00 Creating content pillars and how to avoid overwhelm on social media
  • 26:00 How being consistent gives you a boost in the algorithm
  • 27:00 How to know which social media platforms are best for your brand, and identifying your hero platform
  • 28:00 How Lauren helps people gain confidence and the benefit of going live
  • 32:00 Why having more followers does not equate to more money or more engagement (Lauren’s ‘tiny but mighty’ principle)
  • 34:30 Why you don’t have to post like an influencer to be successful
  • 38:00 Lauren’s thoughts about batching content
  • 39:45 How Lauren works with clients/services she offers
  • 43:30 Lauren’s course ‘Social Happy’ to help people learn the basics of Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter
  • 44:00 I put Lauren on the spot to ask a specific social media plan of action for a friend of mine who is a comedian
  • 49:00 Lauren’s quiz that helps people identify their next step on their chosen platform
  • 51:54 Lauren’s closing thoughts about social media and the importance of sharing your voice (and a couple of Amy’s archaic marketing strategies from back in the day)

About Lauren Litt:

Lauren Litt is the owner and lead Social Media Manager at Lil Shameless Plug. Lil Shameless Plug is dedicated to the curation and creation of quality content for the entrepreneur who is ready to take their business growth to the next level. 

Working as an actor for over a decade showed Lauren that while she had many incredibly talented friends, not all of them knew how to promote themselves online. So, in 2014,she started Lil Shameless Plug with the goal of helping creative entrepreneurs build an online web presence and to coach them on how to find their audience and expand their communities. 

Since launching Lil Shameless Plug, Lauren has expanded her offerings to include a course that teaches business owners how to stay consistent with social media and build a community by showing up as their authentic selves, all while avoiding burnout and overwhelm. 

Lauren’s clients have experienced a renewed relationship with social media. With her guidance, they create a simplified plan that they can follow consistently one that feels fun and allows them to stay genuine and engaged with their audience. 

051: Simplifying the Social Media Game With Lauren Litt

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