#044- Give Yourself Permission to Be Messy in Your Message and Your Marketing

#044: Give Yourself Permission to Be Messy in Your Message and Your Marketing

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In this episode, I talked about the importance of allowing yourself to be messy in your message and your marketing.

As humans, being vulnerable and transparent often feels uncomfortable to us.

Speaking from our hearts feels scary.

And when we are new at a business or just learning how to market online, it usually feels a whole lot easier to copy what someone else (who is more successful than you) is doing, than to fumble around and find the way that suits you best.

But I’m here to tell you that, when you get up the courage to be messy and share your journey and admit that you don’t have it all figured out yet, you will attract an audience of people who want to follow along with you on your journey.

This is all I’ve ever done… and, not only has it helped me to be successful in the different businesses I’ve done online, but it has also helped me to build an audience of people who are loyal, and would follow me forever, to the ends of the earth.

Why? Because I’m messy, and relatable.

I went into this in more detail in this episode, and I hope that it helps you to remember that It’s important to give yourself permission to be messy and to allow people to follow along with you on your messy journey.

You can actually treat your business an your marketing like a playground, and have fun with it and attract a ton of people along the way.

And I seriously can’t wait to see what happens for you and your business when you do.

I love you!

Enjoy the episode!

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I love you!

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