038- How to Use Accountability to Hit Your Goals

#038: How To Use Accountability to Hit Your Goals

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In this episode, I shared How To Use Accountability to Hit Your Goals.

I just finished week 1 of my accountability process that has literally never failed me any of the times I have applied it o hit a big goal.

It wasn’t easy, and I finished by the skin of my teeth before the deadline this week, but I did it.

I may have been a bit of an overachiever this week and bit off a bit more than I could comfortably chew (I share more about that in this podcast episode)- but that’s the beauty of this process… we can tweak as we go until we find the sweet spot (pushing ourselves harder than usual without totally stressing ourselves out.

Enjoy the episode!

Here are some of the topics that were covered in this episode:

  • 00:00 Intro
  • 0:58 The 11/11 Trinity Transformation Challenge
  • 1:49 My accountability process that has never not worked
  • 3:50 Why July 3rd is a sentimental day for me
  • 6:15 How I had to rearrange my schedule to complete my accountability list this week
  • 7:00 The ability to tweak your weekly action items each week to find your ‘sweet spot’
  • 9:45 Using risks and rewards in your accountability process
  • 10:45 How I use Voxer to communicate with my accountability partner (we are in different time zones)
  • 12:21 A bit about my 30 Day Vision Process
  • 13:30 Join my Facebook group to join the 11/11 Trinity Transformation challenge

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Items mentioned in this episode include:

I love you!

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