Getting Started With Podcasting with Samantha Lee Wright

#034: Getting Started With Podcasting With Samantha Lee Wright

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In this episode, I am joined by Samantha Wright.

Samantha hosts the world’s #1 essential oils podcast (5 million downloads and counting).

She mentors aspiring podcasters through her signature Podcast Academy.

Samantha shared her journey from getting started with podcasting to growing her podcast to #1 in her niche.

If you are interested in getting a podcast started, this episode will help a ton- Samantha dropped tons of helpful wisdom that will help you along your podcasting journey.

Enjoy the episode!

Here are some of the topics that were covered in this episode:

  • Why podcasting is a good fit for people who don’t like being on camera
  • Why podcasting is essentially a more intimate way to connect with people than video
  • Why being successful with podcasting requires consistency
  • How Samantha used living on food stamps to fuel her success with podcasting
  • Why podcasting was perfect for Samantha when she was at home with young children
  • The different streams of income that Samantha has created through her podcast
  • How she walked away from her first online summit with an email list of 100,000 people overnight
  • How her success with her podcast led her to becoming a podcasting teacher and mentor
  • The magic that tends to happen when we show up consistently
  • How to decide on your podcast schedule, and examples of some of the different potential schedules
  • How outsourcing can help you to stay in your zone of genius
  • The differences between an interview style podcast and a solo podcast
  • Figuring out what your avatar wants so that you can design your podcast around how to best serve them
  • Seeing podcasting as an art form
  • The advantages of an interview based show as far as growth and marketing
  • The equipment you will need when starting a podcast
  • The importance of sound quality
  • The 2 types of microphones and how to determine which type you need (dynamic vs condenser)
  • The ATR 2100 microphone
  • Why it’s important not to use a free host for your podcast (unless it’s a hobby)
  • How to come up with a name for your podcast (and why this is a crucial decision)
  • Search Engine Optimization inside of the podcast apps
  • How to change the name of your podcast (and whether it’s a good idea)
  • Why it’s tricky to name your podcast after yourself if you don’t have a strong following or a big marketing budget

About Samantha Lee Wright:


Samantha Lee Wright is not only a master of her platform but a passionate teacher of the podcasting medium itself; leading the next generation of podcasters into the future with clarity and confidence.

She mentors new podcasters on their journey with her no-holds-barred online course, Pineapple Podcast Academy –– the online training program which has helped dozens of new creators start and grow their podcasts from scratch. 

She believes the world needs great people making great podcasts and big things can happen from the smallest of microphones.

With a bootstrapper’s approach to business, she fosters creativity, strategy, and accountability in her students in order to help them achieve success in the podcasting arena. 

She’s the author of Pineapple Podcasting: The UltimateBeginner’s Guide to Creating, Launching, and Monetizing a Podcast, with Zero Experience and a Shoestring Budget. 

She’s part hippie, part tech geek, and has an unabashed love for all things karaoke. She is a teacher, speaker, writer, podcaster, wife, and mother of two living in the beautiful mountains of North Carolina. 

0034: Getting Started With Podcasting With Samantha Lee Wright

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