Understanding Soul Alignment, Universal Guidance and Intuition with Amanda Monnier 2

#030: Understanding Soul Alignment, Universal Guidance and Intuition with Amanda Monnier

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In this episode, I am joined by Amanda Monnier. Amanda is an energy healer and a mindset coach, and we had a great conversation about Soul Alignment, Universal guidance and intuition.

Amanda shared her journey of transitioning from being a law enforcement officer to becoming an energy healer and the importance of balancing our feminine and masculine energies in our businesses and our lives.

It was super fun episode, and Amanda dropped a ton of golden nuggets that will help you to shift in order to have more success in your life and your business.

Enjoy the episode!

Here are some of the topics that were covered in this episode:

  • Amanda’s transition from a probation officer to an energy healer
  • The reward on the other side of listening to your intuition and taking a leap
  • How, as a society in general, we are conditioned to play small
  • How the craziest nudges that we get from the Universe are where the biggest gifts come from in our lives
  • That we can learn how to consciously co-create our lives with the Universe
  • What soul alignment is and why it’s important
  • That we can learn how to get into alignment
  • Working from the heart space vs. working from the head space
  • How everything is ‘shiftable’- we have the ability to shift ANYTHING
  • Emotions are the way that we communicate with the Universe
  • How when you really step into your truth, it’s interesting how things respond- it makes you a magnet to your soul-aligned clients and community and the people who need you.
  • Sometimes we are afraid of our own greatness, because if we own it it creates a responsibility for us to show up.
  • What do do when you’re blocked- how to shift the patterns that are stopping you
  • How to tap into your future self and have a conversation with the next level version of yourself
  • How to use your intuition ‘muscle’
  • What Superconscious Recoding is and how it can help you
  • The importance of balancing masculine and feminine energy and how it effects manifestation
  • The importance of balancing the feminine and the masculine in your life and business
  • How to scale your business and make a bigger impact by working less

About Amanda Monnier:

Amanda Monnier knows she was put on this earth for one reason: to support women, help them heal from the inside out, break ancestral patterns, and shift into the fullest embodiment of who they are at a soul level.

Amanda is an Energy Healer, certified Magnetic Mind Coach, Certified Yoga Teacher (CYT 200 and Yin Yoga), Emotion Code Practitioner, certified Transformational Nutrition Coach, and holds a Bachelor’s in Psychology. She assists her clients in healing old wounds and up-leveling to the highest-soul aligned version of themselves.

Amanda is a woman on a mission to create a movement of healed, intuitively-connected, badass Goddesses—women who are truly aligned with their heart & soul, creating a life on their terms, and passionately unleashing their gifts into the world. Amanda is completely committed to her soul work of changing lives—one soul-led, inspired Fierce Feminine Goddess at a time!

030: Understanding Soul Alignment, Universal Guidance and Intuition with Amanda Monnier

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