leveraging your mindset to uplevel your business with Andrea Freeman

#026: Leveraging Your Mindset to Uplevel Your Business With Andrea Freeman

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In this episode, I am joined by Andrea Freeman, the creator of the H.O.S.T Your Life Accelerator. We had a conversation about different ways to uplevel your business (or get a new business off the ground) by focusing on your mindset.

I loved this conversation so much because Andrea and I have a lot of the same beliefs about how important it is to be in alignment in order to succeed in our businesses, and what it means to follow your heart instead of your mind.

Enjoy the episode!

Here are some of the topics that were covered in this episode:

  • How much of our business is affected by our subconscious mind and limiting beliefs
  • How your personal evolution fuels your business revolution
  • Why you can’t outperform your mindset
  • What it means to serve your bold life purpose vs. industry standards
  • Discerning your mind from your heart, turning inside for your answers, quieting the comparison
  • Developing a relationship with your internal voice
  • Being a lighthouse in the harbor so that your ideal clients can find you
  • Why so many sales funnels break down when energy is not aligned
  • Being aligned with the spiritual component of your business
  • The importance of trusting divine timing
  • Collaborations and partnerships for expansion and momentum
  • Abundance mindset vs. scarcity mindset
  • The art of receiving
  • What thought leadership consists of and how to create a legacy in your industry
  • Being a ‘host’ in your business (instead of a guest)
  • What to focus on when you are just getting started in your business (alignment and manifestation)
  • How to stop focusing on what you don’t have to manifest what you want

About Andrea Freeman:

Andrea Freeman started her first business when she was 12 years old. Three businesses and a lot of learning later, she was hosting red carpet celebrities in her event planning business. But, she felt unfulfilled. She said to herself, “There has to be a better way!” That pivotal moment prompted a soulful search.

Today, Andrea uses her groundbreaking H.O.S.T Your Life™ Method and successful track record as a business owner to coach creative entrepreneurs. Her mission is to help business owners align with their purpose, create results with greater ease, and make a lasting impact in the world.

026: Leveraging Your Mindset to Uplevel Your Business With Andrea Freeman

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