My Next Level Vision and Goal Setting Blueprint

023: Next Level Vision and Goal Setting Blueprint and What Has Already Manifested For Me This Year Because of It

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Today I wanted to share some exciting things that have started to happen since I started implementing my new 30 day vision board strategy in the beginning of the year.

In this episode, I lay out my strategy and I also included a couple of recent examples of things on my 30 day vision board that have already manifested!

And, as a bonus, I included a couple of other strategies that I use to stay high vibe and celebrate my wins.

Enjoy the episode, and let me know if you have any questions.

Also, last month I did a full video training on the method that I walk you through in the episode. So, if you want a more thorough and visual training, you can watch that replay here.

*** The podcast version is better if you want to hear my examples of what has happened since I started implementing this strategy. This video does not include those since I had just started doing this at the time I did the live training on YouTube.

Bonus Training from Last Month: Next Level Vision & Goal Setting Blueprint to Help You Hit Your Monthly Goals

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I love you!

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  1. Hey Amy, I just wanted to let you know how much I loved listening to all that you had to say. You had me crying for you!! I’m not kidding, with everything you were saying about being open to receiving and being grateful and allowing the universe to know you are open and grateful. How your little girl was dancing and she actually picked out the cabin of your dream and it got booked in a better way than if you would have done it the first time yourself. And the guys telling you how grateful they were that you had been helping them so much over time and how important you had been in their lives! I know you don’t know but one of my vision board goals is happening right now too. And it has nothing to do with anything I’ve done either! It’s a miracle that my sister and I will talk again soon and we haven’t spoken in over 2 years. But it’s all because her daughter, my niece, knew I had put a picture of me and her mom on my vision board hugging! And my niece just called me right out of the blue from LA. I’m in Florida, I know she orchestrated this. Anyway, I just wanted to tell you that I can’t believe how much you have helped me just since we connected. And you are a ray of sunshine in this somewhat iffy space of questionable people.

    1. Author

      OMG. I’m so happy to hear about you and your sister! It’s amazing what miracles can happen when we just hold the vision for what we want, get out of the way, and trust the process. This made my day, Elizabeth! Thanks so much!

  2. Thank you, Amy! I love this 30 day vision board process. Words do not express my gratitude. I have learned so much from you and all the beautiful people that are actively participating in your 30 content challenge. Sending peace and love your way.

    1. Author

      I’m so happy this process has been helpful for you, Tom. And I’m so grateful that you are enjoying the 30 day content challenge. It’s been so great having you in there with us! Sending peace and love right back to you!

  3. Amy, I made a comment earlier but,I don’t know if I mentioned that I used self hypnosis, for accomplishing my goals and it works great for me. I get my hypnosis downloads from Steve j. Jones ( no affiliation). I listen to the recording every night as I fall to sleep. I highly recommend self hypnosis.

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