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#022: How to Become a Student of Your Own Life (& Simplify Your Marketing) with Paul Hutchings

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I’m a huge believer in following your intuition, your inner voice. I try to do this in all areas of my life, including my business…

These days, there are a ton of distractions… between social media and being subscribed to unlimited email lists and podcasts… it’s easy to get lost in the sea of ‘comparisonitis’ and advice from ‘gurus’ and other successful marketers.

The truth is, nobody knows what’s best for YOU, except you. And sometimes, the only way to really know what’s best for you to do next in your business or your life is to shut out the distractions so that you can listen to what’s in your own heart.

“Listen to your instincts, your soul, your Guidance, and ignore the distractions. Ignore fear, ignore the doubts, ignore the naysayers, and step into each moment, trusting your inner wisdom.”

Dr. Lee Jampolsky

My friend and business partner, Paul Hutchings, is a living example of what it looks like to truly follow your inner voice. He has done some things that are against many of the ‘norms’ in the online marketing space.

He is one of my biggest inspirations in this world.

I’m hopeful that when you listen to this conversation with him, you will not only see why, but you will be opened up to a new perspective that you may not have considered before.

Enjoy the episode, and let me know if you have any questions.

022: How to Become a Student of Your Own Life (& Simplify Your Marketing) with Paul Hutchings

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  1. This is one of my most favorite topics….living in alignment. Something I have already believed in and the core of my mission. When we are in alignment, we are living our true authentic self and that is what we are suppose to light the world with. You said something powerful in this interview, that before you found HBA, that you were trying to find something that you didn’t have to compromise on some aspect. I recently had to make a decision about another income stream (I had made it to the highest level), but it just didn’t “feel right”. The leadership just wasn’t heart centered and I didn’t feel were leaders of integrity. It reminded me of another company I was in (that I know you were in before) and if I feel I have to cringe watching a video or webinar hoping they won’t say something “offensive” or “questionable language”, I really want no part. And I wouldn’t want to bring anyone else in because in reality, if I am part of a company, I am a representative of that company, even as an affiliate. So I had to make a hard decision to leave that company and income stream. But I feel so much better now that I did.

    Alignment is so key in every area of our life. Thanks for sharing this interview with Paul. He is such a shining light in this industry (just like you) 🙂

    1. Author

      Thanks for your heartfelt comment, LT. I agree with everything you said, and I have experienced many of the same or similar things that you have… especially when it comes to just no longer feeling in integrity with what I’m promoting, or not in alignment with the owners of a company. My peace and integrity has always been way more important to me than any amount of money… and I can tell you feel the same.

      Thanks for stopping by today!

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