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#017: Body Image Issues and Diet Industry Lies With Linda Leland

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The diet industry and society norms have programmed women to believe things that are not true about themselves and their bodies. It’s not too late to retrain your thinking about these things, and industry expert Linda Leland explains it all in detail here.

I’m feeling so incredibly grateful to have partnered with Linda for this next exciting venture in our lives. We both feel so grateful to finally be talking about these things that hardly anyone ever talks about, and to be bringing some hope to so many women who have come forward to let us know that this is the conversation they’ve been waiting for.

You will learn a lot more when you listen to this episode, and all of the links to all of the ways that you can join in the conversation with us that we mentioned are listed below.

Meet Linda Leland:

Hi, I’m Linda Leland, one of the cofounders of And Then She Shines.

Hi, I’m Linda Leland, one of the cofounders of And Then She Shines.

I’ve worked in the field of Nutrition for most of my life. Healing people through food was my great passion. I knew everything! I studied all 100 nutritional modalities (and I tried most of them too). I studied, obtained degrees and certifications, taught at hospitals and large corporations, I had many private clients. I was, in every sense of the word, an expert.

Although I had a thriving practice, a few years in I became really discouraged. Despite all of my knowledge, all of my love and desire to genuinely help women overcome their struggle with food and weight, most all of my clients weren’t finding lasting results that would stick. I knew something big was missing.

I came to realize that practicing within this anti-diet paradigm was the only way to help clients truly and fully recover. It is actually unethical to approach food issues with the old diet/weight loss mind-set.

I’ve found a better way. One that heals women to the core.

I have made this my life’s work, and I invite you to come learn more by visiting our school here. We look forward to meeting you and having you in our community.

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