LIA Episode 15

#015: Why I’m Changing the Name of My Podcast

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This is a free flowing, completely unscripted episode of my podcast. I just wanted to speak to you from my heart to explain some of the changes that are taking place on my blog and my podcast.

It’s all good. 🙂

I basically just feel that it’s time to start to include the body, mind, and spirit aspects of life and business into my message.

This doesn’t mean that I will no longer be providing the practical/tactical lessons as well. I will, as teaching those things is still something that I’m very passionate about.

I just want to open up some other aspects of myself in addition to that, because I’ve been feeling somewhat limited  and I know, for sure, that the way I’m meant to truly serve includes some conversations that may be a bit more metaphysical.

So, in this episode I will simply explain why these changes are coming about… and I hope you will stay with me through the transition as it’s about to go to a whole new level.

In future episodes, you can look forward to some awesome content that will help you discover what it means to live your life and run a business from a place of true alignment. My goal is to help you give up the struggle and help you to see that life and business can be easy when we live and act from a place of intuition and inspiration.

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I seriously love you with all my heart…

We will talk again soon.




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