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#012: 3 Quick Do’s and Don’ts About Branding

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Are you branding yourself, or are you branding your company?

I know this sounds like a loaded question… but it’s one I have to ask because it seems like the majority of people who are attempting to build a business online are confused about this topic.

More often than not, people jump into a company and get super passionate about what they are promoting… and then they start spewing information and links about it all over the internet.

The problem with this method?

They are not providing any VALUE for their audience by doing this. It’s a straight up sales pitch. And, even though their product may be the best thing since sliced bread, the pitch will land on deafened ears.

See, people do not go on social media to be sold to. They go their to be educated and entertained, and to form relationships with like-minded people.

So if you are tossing links around like fish hooks and hoping for people to bite, you may be waiting for a while.

In today;s episode I will share 3 Quick Do’s and Don’ts About Branding.

We will cover why it’s important to:

  1. Brand Yourself (Don’t Brand Your Company)
  2. Provide Value (Don’t Spam Links)
  3. Document Your Personal Journey (Don’t Document the Company’s Journey)

Be sure and listen to today’s episode to hear about each of these in more detail.


Items mentioned in this episode include:


I’d love to hear from you…

What was your biggest takeaway today? What is one of your favorite do’s or don’ts when it comes to branding?

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