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#009: Where I’ve Been (My Return From a Sabbatical)

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Where I’ve Been (My Return From a Sabbatical)

I know it’s been a long time since you’ve heard from me, but I’m back!

I’m dusting off my blog and coming back to be with you. Yay!

In today’s episode I will fill you in on where I’ve been, what’s been happening, some shifts that have taken place, and what you can expect from me from this point forward.

I’ve missed you so!


Enjoy the episode!

Key topics discussed in this episode:

  • Our move across country from Colorado to North Carolina
  • How we found our new house
  • My goodbye birthday dinner (saying goodbye to my dad)
  • Where following my heart has led me
  • Being guided to take a step back
  • My new business focus
  • My upcoming podcasts and new slant
  • Letting go and allowing new things to show up
  • Miracles that occur when you live in a place of trust
  • Gratitude

Carolina Beach

Carolina Beach 2

Items mentioned in this episode include:

I’d love to know what happened for you when you followed your heart. Please share your experience in the comments below.



  1. hi Amy,
    Glad to have you back. I just listened to your podcast it’s very inspirational . It takes a lot of courage to follow your heart when everyone else is telling you different .
    I made a decision not to follow my heart and there has been a lot of suffering sense . I’m trying to correct it now . Can forward to reconnecting with you and congratulations on your move

    1. Author

      Thanks so much, Trisha! It’s good to be back!

      Yes, I find there is pretty much always suffering involved when I don’t listen to my inner guidance. It does take courage though… it can certainly be very scary sometimes!

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