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Amy goes above and beyond. She is a teacher and a mentor. There are many that talk, and there are few that walk that talk. Amy is one of the few! I feel blessed knowing her, and being able to learn from her.”
—Ellie Walsh
Internet Entrepreneur, New York

4 Key Mindset Shifts

Creating your ideal business is not supposed to be hard.
Grab these 4 mindset shifts to help you get out of your own way.
**PLUS: 20 Daily Affirmations To Elevate Your Mind and Your Business

Clients & Students

"Amy has a heart felt mission that touches lives and motivates people. She is an entrepreneur that really cares about others."

Bob Casper
Online Entrepreneur

"Amy Starr Allen- I think your training worked on my subconscious. I might have found a new niche!
You ROCK, Amy!"

Leslie Lane Peabody
Online Entrepreneur

"Two things I can tell you for sure from personal experience: Amy over-delivers in whatever she does, and Amy is “true-blue” sincere. She walks her talk.”

Carol Makowski
Online Entrepreneur
Amy is very well versed in marketing strategies, incorporating Internet Marketing strategies into all types of business as well as integrating Social Media Marketing strategies into all types of businesses. Amy’s writing and video’s are a very palatable way to learn and they offer insight which has made incorporating her techniques into my businesses quite simple. All the aforementioned items have allowed me to have immediate and on-going success. Amy’s passion for helping others create Financial and Time Freedom makes her a force in the industry.”
—Rob DeSormier
Broomfield, Colorado
Thank you, Amy. I was struggling to create my first funnel own my own. But, completed my funnel with ease while participating in your 5 Day Funnel Challenge. Awesome funnel building training!
Tom Caldwell
Internet Entrepreneur



Discover my simple steps to build your very own freebie funnel, from soup to nuts, in just 5 days so that you can easily attract and build your target audience!

Awesome! Packed with actionable steps that get results. Very simple, thorough, and captivating training.
Amy is such a knowledgeable and caring person.
Thanks so much for your dedication, Amy.
Larry Roy
Internet Entrepreneur