What Is My Life For? Discovering Your Purpose in the New Year

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what is my life for

I could not be more excited about this message I have the honor of sharing with you today.

Over the last year or so, I’ve been guided to change my direction a bit, and I have been practicing REALLY paying attention to (and trusting) my intuition.

This has literally led to me to places I never imagined I’d go…

And recently, I’ve been very inspired, due to the death of one of my closest friends, to bring you this powerful and much needed message.

I know that many people are afraid when it comes to trusting their gut, or following their heart.

So, as we wind down 2015 and get ready to start another new fresh year, I decided to put something together that will have a huge impact on you if you let it.

It’s a new program called ‘What Is My Life For?’

And you can get all of the details on this page (and hear my ‘Why’ behind this program in this video).

I really hope you’ll join us so that you can enter 2016 with a REAL sense of purpose.

I’m honored and humbled to be surrounded by some true masters when it comes to this conversation…

You can learn all about them and what they will be teaching on this page.

See you there!

With so much love,


6 Comments on “What Is My Life For? Discovering Your Purpose in the New Year”

    1. Amy

      Thanks so much, Andrea. Yes, the new year is always a perfect time to wipe the slate clean and start fresh. Thanks so much for stopping by. xo

  1. Ray Williams

    Glad you put this up Amy. I never like the expression “I know how you feel,” But I know how you feel.
    Gabe’s passing was a tremendous wake up call for me. Yes, she was a messenger indeed. This is not
    a dress rehearsal. Be well.

    1. Amy

      That’s exactly it, Ray. There’s no time to waste… we all have so much potential. We just need to tap into it.

      And, yes, she was an amazing messenger. Something we can all aspire to be in our life time.

      Thanks for visiting. xo

  2. Patrice Alexander

    Amy, I can’t even begin to tell you how timely this is in my life right now.looking forward to seeing the program and you!

    1. Amy

      It seems to be the case for so many of us right now, Patrice. I think this message is one whose time has come… and I believe it’s part of Gabe’s gift to all of us.

      Thanks for stopping by. Can’t wait to see you! xo

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