What Is a Challenge Group?

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Have you been struggling to get into the shape you want to be in?

Maybe you’ve got the working out piece n check, but need some support and assistance around the nutritional aspect of fitness?

Maybe you are eating well but can’t find the time to workout, or are having trouble finding a fitness routine that takes your body to the next level without having to drive back and forth to a gym or pay astronomical fees to be a member of a gym?

Maybe it’s all of the above for you. 🙂

If any of these options are true for you, I can help.

I was struggling, too.

I’m a single mom of 2 very active girls… and finding the time to get to the gym has always been one of my biggest struggles. I also had a lot of limiting beliefs that kept me from getting my body into the shape I wanted it to be in.

After 2 kids, major abdominal surgery, knee, ankle, and back injuries and a variety of other excuses (including my age), I had totally convinced myself that I could never get back into the shape I wanted to be in. And now, after 3 months of commitment and dedication (and a program that allows me to workout from home while my kids are getting ready for school in the morning), I look better, feel incredible, and am stronger and more energized than I have been in a long time (since college!).

I am so happy with my results that I want to help as many people as I can to achieve the same thing.what is a challenge group 2

During this journey, one of the things that has helped me the most is the support and  accountability I have had, and my awesome coach who refuses to let me stay small and live into my excuses.

When I complain that something hurts, she helps me modify, when I say that something’s not possible for ‘me’… because of my unique situation (injury, surgery, fill in the blank), she helps me to see beyond my excuses and push my limits to achieve my goals.

Having a coach is crucial (for any type of success)… and we also have a streamlined app complete with support, accountability, a nutrition plan with recipes, etc.

If you are wanting to get into the best shape of your life I can assure you that the only thing stopping you is YOU.

When I started this journey a few months ago, I got into a challenge group and that is what has made all of the difference for me.

The accountability group (called a Challenge Group) is run through an app on your phone. It has allowed me to do some amazing workout programs, all from home with little or no extra equipment needed… and has also provided a nutrition program and a coach which has made all of the difference for me (simply not having to find time to go to the gym has been a godsend because I can work out while my kids are home with me- I usually fit a workout in in the morning while they are getting ready for school).

The nutrition plan includes incredible superfood shakes and recipes that have made everything simple, and that can be used as a meal replacement as well. I feel great and have lost weight and have been able to get in better shape than I’ve been in in a really long time (like since college).

We have another accountability group starting April 17th through the app. In order to get access to the app, recipes, coaches, etc, you simply have to purchase a challenge pack through Beach Body.

Right now they have a no brainer of a promotion going on where you can get an all-access pass where you get access to all of their workouts for an entire year (they have a lot to choose from, with the best trainers of the planet), and a month’s worth of Shakeology (their super food shake), all for $160 (so it’s like getting all of the workouts for $30 when you factor in the Shakeology… it’s crazy.

It’s the Spring into Fitness program.

I will be there to support you, and I would add you to the group and the app, where you will be logging things each day to stay on track and you will part of an awesome community of people who are doing the same thing.

I promise you this program works… I started as a customer just because I needed to lose weight and get back into shape and now I’m committed to helping others to do the same.
And, if you don’t get results, they have a money-back guarantee, too. 🙂

Anyway, if you want to join us, you can purchase your all-access pass and Shakeology below, or fill out the application if you want me to contact you with more information.

Grab your All Access Challenge Pack with Shakeology

Apply Now   (I will contact you with more info- no obligation)
I’m excited to help you hit your goals and be able to wear your favorite bathing suit again this summer (or buy that cute new one you’ve had your eye on). 🙂

Talk soon, and let me know if you have any questions.

I love you!

Amy Starr Allen

Why I Love Beach Body on Demand

When you purchase the all access pass, you get access to all of the Beach body workouts- the entire library (literally hundreds of workouts). You also get access to any new workouts that get released throughout the year of your membership (we have 2 new ones that are about to be released!).

I love Beachbody On Demand because you do not have to continually purchase new programs every time that you finish one. So, for example let’s say you start out with the  21 Day Fix and you loved it but you want something more intense, you can just open up your library and move to the 21 Day Fix Extreme or Core De Force.  Or, let’s say you are starting your fitness journey with Core De Force and you press play on the first workout and you realize it is not going to be a good fit for you.  You do not have to send it back, no returns or stalling your fitness journey.  You simply open up On Demand and choose another workout that fits you!  It truly does prevent you from excuses and helps you to customize your fitness experience to meet your needs.

Join me for a 5 week group as I help you meet your needs, walking you through the process of changing your unhealthy habits, creating a more positive mindset, embracing your imperfections and chucking the word diet to the wind. Today is the day you stop wishing and start doing!

Apply Now

Grab your All Access Challenge Pack with Shakeology


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