Teamwork Makes the Dream Work- Why I’m So Passionate About Building Teams

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Teamwork Makes the Dream Work- Why I’m So Passionate About Building Teams

teamwork makes the dream work

Everything great I have accomplished has been a result of some sort of teamwork.

I just finished a season of coaching my daughter’s 3rd grade soccer team.

I used to play soccer when I was younger… but I’ve never been a soccer coach before.

This was one of the most amazing experiences I’ve ever had.

At first some of my friends thought I was crazy for volunteering because of how insanely busy my life already is (I’m a single mom).

I just saw it as another was to be of service… and it turned out to be an incredible experience.

A Season of Transformation

It was (as the other coach put it) a season of transformation. teamwork makes the dream work 2

We watched these girls, many who had never played soccer before, grow and transform as soccer players as the season progressed.

We watched the culture of our team form and blossom as the girls became closer and the camaraderie grew week by week.

We watched their ability to practice teamwork enhance as they got better at passing and communicating on the field.

And, although we didn’t win a single game, we all grew as a team, and as individuals.

And we did it together.

Not to mention we had a lot of fun… which is way more important than winning anyway.

At the end of our last game of the season, they gave me this card (in the photo). Tears streamed down my face as I read it…

Making a difference and building team culture is one of my favorite parts of life.

In my business I have built a team culture as well.

It’s very similar to the soccer experience actually…

We get to watch people who have never had experience on the internet before, grow and transform as they learn new skills that empower them to make a living from home.

We see the culture of our team blossom consistently and the camaraderie grow stronger as time marches on.

And whether our team members start earning a significant income right out of the gate or whether it takes a little bit longer due to a larger learning curve, we all grow as a team and as individuals… together.

AND, we have a ton of fun which is the most important part of life anyway.

Our team is like a family (teamwork makes the dream work)

We are closer than many families actually, as we understand each other in ways that many families cannot.

We lift each other up on a daily basis and support each other on our journey of growth and transformation.

Our team provides a place for people to feel like they belong… a group of close-knit friendships, a sounding board, and a platform for learning from one another.

And as we grow together as individuals, we grow together as a team at the same time.

I am clear that team-building and building team culture is one of my true purposes in life, one of my gifts that I came here to give, one of the truest joys I have found in the world.

In my opinion. being of service if the most important thing we can do while we walk the planet.

And building team culture is one of the most gratifying ways to be of service… for me anyway.

Life is too short to go it alone.

And there’s no better feeling than knowing that you have a whole team of people who have your back, no matter what, in every moment.

Not to mention, it is more powerful to be unified… that’s why “teamwork makes the dream work”.

Learn more about myself and my team here.

We are Team Be the Change… and we are committed to empowering people to make a difference while being the change they want to see in the world.

We look forward to meeting you.

Lots of love and be the change,

Amy Starr Allen


P.S. You can join Team Be the Change here and start living your dreams today.

We’ll help you.

See you on the inside. :)



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