Follow Your Heart- My Interview on The Tao of Self Confidence Podcast

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My friend Sheena Yap Chan just interviewed me on her awesome podcast, The Tao of Self Confidence.

It was a fun interview.

She asked me questions about my definition of self confidence, and we had a conversation about how I learFollow-Your-Heart-With-Amy-Starr-Allenned how to truly follow my heart, my 6-month journey to New Zealand, and some of my ‘aha moments’ along the way,.

You’ll certainly learn some things about me that you didn’t know (a few things I’ve never shared publicly) …  Sheena does an amazing job and I know going to love it. You can listen in on your phone or from anywhere.

The Tao of Self Confidence podcast is currently featured on iTunes , and you can subscribe here.

Go learn more and listen to my interview here.  

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