Las Vegas Here I Come! ~ The Importance of Attending Events

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I’m so excited! I’m heading to Las Vegas, Nevada this weekend for the Live The Dream Event (a big Internet network Marketing Conference) where I’ll get to hang out with some of my mentors in the industry, make a ton of new friends, gain an enormous amount of knowledge, and have fun! The importance of attending events is the subject … Read More

Just Do It

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One thing we always talk about in regard to our business is that it’s easy to do, but it’s also easy NOT to do. It’s really easy to come up with all kinds of excuses about why it doesn’t work for you to work on hitting your goals and attaining your dreams today… and in the end it’s your choice… … Read More

Playing to win…

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I’m getting ready to leave (in 2 days) on a cruise (all expenses paid!) that my company is sending me on. I’m so excited… and a little nervous, of course, because I’ll be w/out kids for 8 days (that’s a first)… what will I do w/ myself?? 🙂 Amidst all of the packing and preparing things for my departure, I … Read More

Leaving a Legacy

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Those who achieve great things aren’t in it just for themselves. They build things that last beyond themselves. Things that can be enjoyed by others as well. The timeless way to figure out if someone achieved great success is to ask yourself, “Did it continue on after they were gone? What kind of legacy did they leave behind?” You might … Read More

Social Media

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I found a great video from Perry Belcher (if you’re not familiar w/ Perry, you should watch this for the entertainment value if nothing else). He’s a riot… and a VERY successful one @ that (he’s made over $100 million marketing all kinds of products). As we all know, the times are changing, and more and more people are developing … Read More