Why Aren’t You Including Your Friends & Family In Your Amazing Business Opportunity?!

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This post, and video, was inspired by my friend Kary Rogney. Kary had a great blog post this morning about how his friends have gotten mad at him for not sharing awesome things with them until after it’s too late. You can read that post here. What I want to know is why is it that so many people are … Read More

The Facebook Phonebook- A Powerful Tool For Creating Relationships & Prospecting Using Facebook

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Introducing the Facebook Phonebook… This little strategy will make it super easy for you to start developing deeper relationships with people using Facebook… This is a fantastic prospecting tool… it will save you HOURS of legwork and will help you connect on a deeper level with like-minded people who you may want to do business with. Watch this short video … Read More

Join Me For My Internet Marketing Webinar December 1st- Creating A Brand on the Internet

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In case you haven’t heard (or you forgot), I’m hosting a webinar this coming Wednesday that will teach you 3 Tips To Creating A Brand For Yourself On The Internet That Will Magnetically Attract People To You & Your Business! Here’s a quick video about what I’ll be going over, and the details and registration are below the video. This is … Read More

Join me for my new series: The First Wednesday Marketing Frenzy! Happening on the first Wednesday of each month, starting December 1st

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I’m pleased to announce the launch of my new webinar series, the First Wednesday Marketing Frenzy! which will be taking place on the first Wednesday of each month, starting December 1st. Each month I will host a webinar to present a training on different areas and aspects of internet marketing that will help you to explode your business. The training will be … Read More

Marketing Mastery Event- I’m Giving Away A Ticket

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As you may remember, back in the beginning of October I spent a few days in Las Vegas at the beautiful Venetian hotel at an extraordinary internet network marketing event that was attended by hundreds of internet network marketers from all over the world (the Live The Dream Event). We learned a TON, ate spectacular food, got to rub shoulders … Read More

Blog Widgets- How To Add Images, HTML, and Links To Your Sidebar In WordPress

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Do you know about all of the incredible blog widgets that are available to help you increase the functionality of your site (and make it look sexy!)? There are literally millions of different plugins and blog widgets that we can find and easily install to our blogs so that we can create the features that we want our blog to … Read More

How To Embed A YouTube Video On Your WordPress Site

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Would you like to be able to embed your YouTube videos (or somebody else’s) on your WordPress posts or pages? This short video explains exactly how to make it happen: I hope this was helpful… please feel free to leave any questions or comments below… I’d love to hear from you! And feel free to share this video with your … Read More

How To Drive Free Traffic To Your Website Using Forum Marketing

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Forum Marketing is a great way to drive free targeted traffic to your website. It’s also a great way to create relationships with like-minded people, learn a ton about topics related to your niche, and establish a name for yourself. This video will walk you through the how-to’s of forum marketing: I’m sure you have tons of friends who could … Read More