Awesome Mindset Training For the New Year (Live Hangout Replay)

Awesome Mindset Training For the New Year (Live Hangout Replay)

Last night myself and some of my business partners gathered on a Google Hangout and taught loads of people How to Shift Your Mindsetmindset_training to Set Yourself Up for Massive Success in the New Year.

In my opinion, mindset training is even more important than the technical marketing training that we also offer (we did a hangout the night before about all of the nuts and bolts required to set yourself up to fire your boss and be a professional internet marketer in 2013. You can watch that here.)

Last night on our Mindset Training we taught:

  • How to grab your ideal future by the horns and pull yourself into it
  • How to remove limiting beliefs (make sure to listen carefully for the bonus we’re offering when you join us in Austin in a couple of weeks… it ROCKS).
  • How to recognize when your sabotaging yourself and shift it immediatley
  • And TONS more…

We also pulled one of our new marketers out to share about the results she’s been getting with our team….

You can check out the replay here:

You can join our team right here and get started today.


Good news! We will be having another training tonight!

Tonight is all about YOU. We will be doing a live Q & A where you can ask us ANYTHING (business, personal, etc). So bring your questions!

Trust me, you don’t want to miss out on this (it’s free… and you can eavesdrop even if you’re not on our team).


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Become a Professional Internet Marketer in 2013

Our team is on fire right now, ready to crush it (together with YOU!) this year.

Come see what the excitement is about and let us show you how to create massive momentum in your business this week… RIGHT NOW!


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Join us Live on January 3rd 2013

Regardless of whether you’re on our team, this upcoming training will help you jump start your New Year and finally hit those goals you’ve been setting over and over for the last several years…

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I look forward to helping you achieve your heart’s desires in 2013!

See you tonight!

Now it’s your turn. Please leave your comments below about what you are doing to set up the New Year powerfully… how will 2013 be different for you? Has this Mindset Training shifted anything for you? Please let us know below…


It’s your time to SHINE,





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Check out the story here.

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Amy Starr Allen is the founder of the Next Level Mastermind (a community and ‘think tank’ for online entrepreneurs) and the author of several books and courses including MLM for MOM, Conscious Marketing, Next Level YouTube Marketing and The Next Level Blogging Blueprint. As a teacher, Amy shows her students how to use their unique gifts and talents and find their voice so that they can stand out while making a major impact on their audiences. Amy lives in Boulder, Colorado with her two daughters.

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