My name is Amy Starr Allen.

My goal is to add massive value to your life… and to help you tap into your true power and potential and live a life of authenticity.

I’m a born and raised Jersey girl… and I currently reside in Boulder, Colorado with my 2 daughters, Brielle and Ava.

There are a lot of pieces to my story… lots of things I’ve had to overcome, and nothing that I regret.

If you’d like to learn more about my journey (where I’ve come from and what it took to get here), you can listen to this interview.

I look forward to meeting you and helping you live an inspired and authentic life full of passion.

With Love,




Amy Starr Allen is the founder of the Next Level Mastermind (a community and ‘think tank’ for online entrepreneurs) and the author of several books and courses including MLM for MOM, Conscious Marketing, Next Level YouTube Marketing and The Next Level Blogging Blueprint.

After struggling for years as an online entrepreneur and not feeling in alignment with many of the sales tactics others use to make an income in a home-based business, Amy decided it was time to pioneer a path for people to be able to market authentically and serve their audiences.

As a single mother who could barely afford to buy clothing for her children a few short years ago, Amy has since become a 6-figure earner in the industry and has helped hundreds of people learn how to tap into their unique gifts and share their messages with the world, all while earning an income doing what they love most.

By teaching people how to ‘Cash in on Their Passions’, Amy has been invited to share the spotlight with industry giants such as blogging expert Neil Patel, and has been invited to speak to local businesses about how to get their unique message out into the marketplace.

Amy’s unique understanding of entrepreneurs and how powerful it can be when they tap into their own voice and their own passions, is reinventing the way online entrepreneurs market their businesses

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